Eurotech Launches New Release of Everyware Cloud

Eurotech Launches New Release of Everyware Cloud

Eurotech Everyware Cloud 3.0 Offers Complete M2M Platform with Data and Device Management for the Enterprise.

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the launch of the Everyware Cloud 3.0 platform with remote device management to deliver actionable data from the field to downstream applications and business processes, dashboards, and reports. Everyware Cloud 3.0 can connect sensors, devices or assets quickly to analyze data in real-time for reliable, device-independent M2M applications. New features allow companies to remotely create new services and functionalities on field devices, allowing them to develop and launch innovative product and revenue streams.

Marco Carrer, VP Software Development, Eurotech, said:

“Everyware Cloud is an integration platform designed from the ground up to connect M2M devices to enterprise applications by leveraging secure, open and reliable protocols.”

“Those open protocols allow any type of device to be securely connected and managed, and the new device life cycle management options make Everyware Cloud 3.0 the ideal platform for creating innovative applications while reducing the cost, effort and risks of deploying and maintaining a M2M distributed device infrastructure.”

Everyware Cloud 3.0 has a fully integrated feature-rich device management layer that allows companies to dynamically control, configure and evolve the application that runs on the field device through a fully integrated feature-rich device management layer. The remote management of devices, which is enabled through the Eurotech Everyware Software Framework (ESF) on the device, allows for:

  • Remotely install new applications on a gateway
  • Remotely manage the settings of the applications on the gateway
  • Update an application running on a gateway
  • Remotely change the configuration of devices

New data management features in Everyware Cloud 3.0 include data payload compression to reduce the amount of data transmitted from device to cloud, delete APIs to keep the database cleaner and access to real time data, in its native form, for use by the final application. The Everyware Cloud automatically stores device data into a schema-less, distributed, decentralized database that stores data in any format for the market’s longest queryable period.

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