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M2M services launched in housing and communal services area in Russia

M2M services launched in housing and communal services area in Russia

Russia cellular operator, one of the biggest Russian three-tuple that launched telematic service in the field of communal services.

Company MeganFon has announced the start of a new project called «The resource under control». The System automatically collects the information about housing consumption of electricity, heat and water. The new product will be available for sale in the B2B market for corporate customers in the Moscow region.

It’s necessary to install an equipment which will transfer the information using mobile network from counters to automatic information and measuring system which is situated on the MegaFon’s server hardware . And then all the information will go to the monitoring center of the management company. With the help of this, the company has a possibility to insert utility bills of subscribers automatically. At the same time, everybody has a possibility to track their costs through the Internet in the private office.

«The resource under control» could give information about the loss of resources on power lines, electricity theft, leak of water or heat transfer fluids. It gives a possibility to have a strong data base in the management company.

Danila Burmetev, head of the department of developing M2M products in MegaFon, said:

“We provide the management company, the finished effective solution which could analyze the consumption of resources and to fix as well as eliminate the waste.”

Experts from MegaFon said that the payback period to flow metering systems of electricity and water for the customers are from one to three years and to flow metering systems for heat are from one to five years.

Company Mefafon pays a lot of attention to the M2M developings. Spanish operator Telefónica and MegaFon signed the agreement within the framework subsidiary of two operators MegaLabs and Telefónica Digital, who could work together for the development of new M2M directions.

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