Trusted Labs Wins Government License to Evaluate the Security of Connected Devices

Trusted Labs Wins Government License to Evaluate the Security of Connected Devices

Trusted Labs, a leading expert in security consulting and evaluation, has been licensed by ANSSI(1), the French national agency for IT system security, to perform CSPN(2) security evaluations of connected devices.

As open, multi-application and remotely managed systems, smartphones, tablets and M2M-connected devices are exposed to security attacks. Each actor in the ecosystem has their own specific requirements such as privacy for end-users, confidentiality and asset protection for service providers, and means of identification and authentication for operators. For all of them, a secure device is the cornerstone for their business and is essential for establishing a trusting relationship with their clients.

With this new license, Trusted Labs is now officially mandated to evaluate the security of connected devices. These evaluations involve assessing conformity with security specifications, evaluating the efficiency of security countermeasures, and ensuring that cryptography is correctly used. They are performed within a fixed timeframe and constitute a cost-effective solution to determining the level of security of a device or component at any stage of its lifecycle including pre-deployment.

Claire Loiseaux, President of Trusted Labs, says:

“I am delighted that Trusted Labs is now up to deliver government labeled evaluations. This license underlines ANSSI’s recognition of Trusted Labs’ strategy of innovation in the mobile and M2M markets.”

Julie Chuzel, Head of the Certification Body of ANSSI continues:
“We are pleased to welcome Trusted Labs as a licensed laboratory to undertake security evaluations as part of our scheme. This licensing is particularly adapted to the evaluation of security platforms and applications on smartphones and more widely connected devices, in line with ANSSI’s objective to provide confidence in mobile security.”

(1) For more information on ANSSI, visit:
(2) First-level security certification – CSPN in French (Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau)

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