Gemalto Honored with Connected World 2013 Gold Value Chain Award for Facilitating Innovative M2M Technology

Gemalto Honored with Connected World 2013 Gold Value Chain Award for Facilitating Innovative M2M Technology

Gemalto Enabled Connectivity Instrumental in Improving Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts.

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that its Cinterion® M2M technology has won a gold 2013 Connected World Magazine’s prestigious Value Chain Award. Partnering with Jazz Wireless Data, the Gemalto solution enables high-speed connectivity and GPS data transmission for TrackPoint’s innovative solar powered wireless asset management product. The device was used in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to remotely monitor fuel levels in tanker trucks and fleet vehicles working to speed recovery and restore power. The solution allowed utility companies to reroute fuel delivery schedules in real time to keep operations running at peak levels.

TrackPoint System’s innovative Tr/IPS™ device combines Gemalto M2M technology with unlimited, sustainable solar power to track and manage mobile assets such as truck trailers and shipping containers. The advanced HSPA+ M2M module wirelessly communicates assets location details and data from sensors monitoring temperature, noise level and the overall status to a central database.

Making your cities cleaner. Keeping students in schools. Enhancing your sports-viewing experience. These are just a few ways this year’s award winners have found success,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “And they certainly prove that in today’s tech world, it is really all about M2M.

We relied on Gemalto engineers to consult on security architecture, schematics, power design and circuit board layout,” said Ben Schnitz, Chief Technology Officer, TrackPoint System. “This helped us quickly launch a state-of-the-art solar-powered product that is totally unique in the marketplace.

Paul Kobos, Regional Manager for M2M at Gemalto North America, said:

“The inherent power management system of our solution allowed TrackPoint to extend battery life, which is essential for applications that lack a tethered power source.”

This award recognizes Gemalto for the design and development of technologies that have played a major role in helping safeguard people in a weather emergency.

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