Risk Technology Announces Partnership With RAC To Launch RAC Advance

Risk Technology Announces Partnership With RAC To Launch RAC Advance

Vehicle telematics pioneer, Risk Technology, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement to work with the RAC for the launch of RAC Advance, a revolutionary new product for motorists that incorporates advanced crash detection technology, fuel saving, driver scoring and remote vehicle diagnostics and prognostics.

The RAC Advance solution incorporates the company’s leading-edge vehicle telematics technology in a range of solutions that include fleet, insurance and breakdown applications. Under the terms of the agreement, the RAC will also become Risk Technology’s UK delivery partner to increase the service available to their existing client relationships.

The launch of RAC Advance follows two years of ongoing co-operation between the two companies, with Risk Technology customising its vehicle telematics solutions to fit the RAC brand and its membership. Risk Technology’s IP is embedded inside the new, RAC Advance, matchbox-sized devices. In addition the company is providing a full software solution and administration portal that totally integrates with the RAC’s system and processes as well as those of its partners.

Following two years of testing, the RAC is predicting that RAC Advance will turn the breakdown industry ‘on its head’. RAC members will be able to remotely communicate with base to provide diagnostic information that could potentially identify certain vehicle faults before they result in a stressful or inconvenient breakdown. In addition members will be able to check multiple levels of performance and key information via an app on the driver’s phone or tablet.

Risk Technology Announces Partnership With RAC To Launch RAC AdvanceDescribed by the RAC as ‘breakdown for the 21st century’, in the event of a breakdown RAC Advance will alert the response team who can remotely connect with the onboard diagnostics software to identify the fault and accurately position the motorist’s location, enabling the rescue service to quickly despatch a patrol, pre-equipped with the diagnosis, repair solution and parts. Should the diagnosis determine that the breakdown cannot be fixed at the roadside then a recovery vehicle can be swiftly arranged.

“The RAC chose Risk Technology due to its innovative IP position, its expertise across a wide range of tracking disciplines and its ability to deliver,” says Kerry Michael, RAC Commercial Director.

“RAC Advance is a giant leap forward that will provide our members with an easier, safer and more affordable driving experience. The application for our insurance and corporate customers is also ground-breaking.”

“Since the RAC was founded 116 years ago we have always been at the forefront of breakdown technology so RAC Advance is just the kind of innovation people have come to expect us to develop.”

Already fitted to the RAC’s 1,700 patrol vehicles and more than 35,000 fleet vehicles, RAC Advance will be available to all existing and new RAC members and offers a multitude of additional functionality. For example the technology enables drivers to review their driving and drive more efficiently by accelerating and braking less sharply and using the vehicle’s momentum to best advantage, thereby reducing fuel costs.

“The Risk ethos and slogan is ‘Your brand, our technology’”, says Mark Packman, Managing Director of Risk Technology.
“We partner companies and customise our solutions to fit their brand and customers. The RAC project combines a wide range of our services and solutions and demonstrates why Risk Technology is the leading creator of mass-market vehicle telematics solutions.”

Risk Technology has been granted approval to use the ‘powered by RAC’ brand worldwide and plans to utilize this to rollout their vehicle telematics solutions to breakdown, insurance and other consumer brands internationally.

About Risk Technology
Risk Technology specialises in creating mass market solutions for managing driver behaviour, reducing claims and widening margin in the vehicle insurance market. The company provides technology platforms, advice and expertise that enables its insurance partners to gain an important competitive edge. For more information visit: www.risk-technology.co.uk
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