Aeris Communications Announces New Customer DaisAlert

Aeris Communications Announces New Customer DaisAlert

Aeris network to power DaisAlert solution to deliver critical data to customers’ mobile phones.

Aeris Communications, which owns and operates the only cellular network designed and built exclusively for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that DaisAlert has selected the Aeris network to enable its cellular-based remote monitoring device that tweets alerts to DaisAlert customers’ mobile phones.

DaisAlert manufactures M2M devices and offers a durable, complete out-of-the-box solution through its channel partners. Its “Managed Service Solution” includes access to GPS technology, alerts, recording and reporting. Device information is delivered to customers’ mobile phones via SMS.

DaisAlert devices are used by an array of companies, such as those in construction and security. By sending text message alerts to users’ mobile phones via Twitter, DaisAlert enables its users, to be reached regardless of time or location, delivering immediate peace of mind. For example, if an intruder breaks in to a construction site, DaisAlert monitoring devices detect motion, and can even sense change in body temperature, and instantly send a text alert to the construction site manager or other individuals. Similarly, in the residential category DaisAlert devices can monitor for break-ins, flooding or even power failures. This means homeowners will be instantly notified of any abnormalities while they are away from home.

“We chose to work with Aeris because their network offers us the reliability we require,” said Kevin Anderson, President/CEO of DaisAlert.

“Aeris’ nationwide seamless coverage, sophisticated tools and visibility make it an optimal match for DaisAlert.”

Because Aeris takes the time to understand every customers’ business models it is able to customize a service plan and billing options that make sense for DaisAlert. In addition, through better planning, operational processes and rate plans that make sense for DaisAlert, Aeris is enabling the company to lessen its total cost of ownership. Furthermore, since Aeris owns and operates its network, it can easily adapt and support DaisAlert’s unique requirements – a dependable network, even in remote areas, where delivering important data consistently is key.

“Aeris is the best network for machines, providing maximum flexibility and reliability at a level the other national carriers cannot match,” said Mark Cratsenburg, Vice President of Sales at Aeris Communications. “But a great network is not enough. We work closely with customers like DaisAlert to design, deploy and maintain an M2M application that is unique to their technical and business challenges.”

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