Deconstruction Selects SeeControl’s Nexus Platform to Help Launch mBuilder, a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Construction Site Monitoring Solution

Deconstruction Selects SeeControl’s Nexus Platform to Help Launch mBuilder, a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Construction Site Monitoring Solution

Deconstruction recently launched mBuilder™, a tool for remotely monitoring noise, vibration, temperature, and humidity levels at construction sites in real time.

By connecting mBuilder™ sensors to SeeControl’s M2M Nexus platform, Deconstruction offers construction managers a way to prevent work stoppages, fines, bad press, and legal claims.

To help construction managers increase productivity and avoid costly work stoppages, Deconstruction applied Internet of Things technology (IoT) to deploy mBuilder™ for detecting noise, vibration, temperature and humidity levels at construction sites. mBuilder™ monitors environmental conditions 24×7 and informs site managers in real time of potential interruptions caused by high noise, high vibration operations or severe weather conditions. Deconstruction combined the power of SeeControl’s M2M Nexus cloud computing platform with its mBuilder™ sensors to offer this affordable, customized solution for their customers.

Construction jobs are often stalled due to unpredictable weather conditions or when excessive noise and vibration levels lead to complaints. mBuilder™ uses multiple sensors on-site to constantly report on environmental conditions and deliver automated interventions that influence contractors to respond appropriately. This eliminates unsafe operating conditions and potential work stoppages such as when a pile driver runs outside of permitted noise or vibration levels. If a site is shut down while complaints are investigated, construction companies could be left with not only a hefty fine, but also the cost of expensive skilled workers sitting idle. And using weather inappropriate construction methods can reduce quality and lead to costly rework.

SeeControl mBuilder screenshotSeeControl’s Nexus platform powers Deconstruction’s mBuilder™ to inform management immediately of any adverse impacts to save time and money. mBuilder™ also rids construction companies of the hassle and expense of hiring an environmental consulting service to monitor on-site conditions.

Brendan Robinson, CEO of Deconstruction said:

“SeeControl’s platform provides the M2M reporting tools we need to custom tailor a cloud application to meet the needs of our customers in a low cost, simple to deploy model.”

“Not only can we easily connect our sensors and collect data to alert management of a potential problem, we can embed our unique business rules into the application to provide valuable analytical reporting as well.”

The mBuilder™ works in sync with SeeControl’s Nexus analytics engine as a M2M smart service to save construction companies money and improve productivity in several ways:

  •     mBuilder™ sensors detect excessive noise or vibration before a complaint is filed; Nexus sends an alert to the construction manager to avoid work stoppage
  •     mBuilder™ sensors detect changes in temperature or humidity levels before materials are impacted; Nexus sends an alert to the construction manager to warn of potentially dangerous levels that require special construction techniques or may hinder worker safety
  •      24 x 7 remote monitoring eliminates the need for environmental consulting services to be on-site to take measurements and readings
  •     Real time alerts from SeeControl’s Nexus platform delivers predictions of noise and vibration levels at adjacent property lines to help avoid future work stoppages

“The Nexus platform was a perfect fit for what Deconstruction needed to complete the mBuilder™ solution,” says Kathy Hutton, VP of Accounts at SeeControl.

“Rather than buying data center infrastructure, and developing a one-off expensive software application and Deconstruction inserted their proprietary analytics into the Nexus engine and quickly deployed an enterprise grade branded service that scales to millions of sensors at a fraction of the normal investment,” said Hutton.

Deconstruction is poised to grow rapidly by offering mBuilder™ and other unique services to construction managers who realize the value of applying real time M2M information to better manage operations.

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