MobileXus Expands Range of Devices with ClearComm

MobileXus Expands Range of Devices with ClearComm

ClearConnex Inc, an innovative wireless M2M device engineering company and Hilton Development Group, a leading edge wireless solutions company, today announced the integration of the MobileXus platform with ClearConnex’s mature, proven, hardware agnostic software platform, ClearComm.

This pairing will enhance how quickly companies can bring customized wireless solution to market.


MobileXus is now able to take advantage of ClearComm’s range of supported devices across a variety of vertical markets. With the combined solution already proven in field-testing, projects utilizing these solutions are nearly finished before they even start. Now, advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions can be built by customizing these pre-integrated off the shelf systems. This combined solution is even more powerful because of MobileXus’s already existing integration with Wyless’s global managed service network, enabling customers to get to market faster than ever before.

Ryan Rangel, President, ClearConnex said:

“Partnerships with companies like MobileXus work well because our platform-agnostic ClearComm solution can be customized to work with virtually any product set. Integrating MobileXus with ClearComm enables a new class of intelligent applications which is yet another example of our Start Ahead. Finish Ahead philosophy.”

Christopher Hilton, VP Business Development and Sales said:

“ClearComm, significantly expands the options that our customers have when choosing modules and modems for their M2M solutions.”

Hilton added:

“Typically solutions require the integration of different technologies including device hardware, device management server platform, and wireless network to meet the needs of the business. MobileXus combined with ClearComm and ClearConnex engineering services provides the platform to integrate these technologies to get to market faster.”

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