FW Announces Remote Monitoring System for M2M Assets

FW Announces Remote Monitoring System for M2M Assets

RMS (Remote Monitoring System) provides real-time insight into devices in the field.

FW announces the release of RMS, a Remote Monitoring System for deployed Machine-to-Machine (M2M) assets. Cellular data networks are an integral component of corporate networks these days and managing M2M deployments can be complex. Created as a device interrogation application, RMS provides critical insight to the health and status of M2M assets. Knowing device health and status is paramount to the longevity and success of any deployment.

RMS is a powerful downtime prevention tool for any organization utilizing M2M technologies. With robust insight into capacity, coverage and hardware, FW technicians proactively correct deployed assets, keeping mission critical applications online when it matters most. All while saving money by detecting ‘why’ a system isn’t working and correcting remotely instead of having to send someone to investigate a problem.

Support technicians monitor real-time device statistics such as:

  •     Device Uptime
  •     Connectivity
  •     Carrier Signal Gaps
  •     GPS Signal
  •     Device Location

Utilizing these statistic support technicians perform:

  •     Diagnostics
  •     Fix Device Issues
  •     Reload & Update Software and Settings

Feeney Wireless is an M2M systems integrator, products and managed services company serving enterprise and public sector agencies around the world. Feeney Wireless specializes in developing M2M ecosystems utilizing fixed and mobile cellular-based solutions, enabling people and businesses to gather meaningful intelligence, helping them work more effectively and efficiently.

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