Seniors Need Next-Generation Emergency Alert Devices

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Seniors Need Next-Generation Emergency Alert Devices

High Tech Mobile Devices Can Help Today’s Seniors Keep Their Independence.

According to AARP’s Healthy@Home 2.0 study, 96% of seniors aged 65 and older want to live on their own for as long as possible. Medical alert devices enable seniors to stay independent longer, but most medical alert devices are landline-based and have an extremely limited range. More than one-third of American homes and 10.5% of seniors aged 65 and older live in wireless-only households and have no landline phone at all, according to the CDC. As more households and seniors abandon their landlines and landline-based emergency systems, families may wonder how to best protect their aging relatives.

Thanks to machine-to-machine (M2M) technology advances, mobile technology is providing seniors and their families with new emergency alert solutions.

Securus, Inc., maker of groundbreaking personal mobile safety and security products, offers eCare+Voice, which harnesses mobile communication and GPS technology to allow seniors to call for help anytime, anywhere without a landline phone connection. The compact device, which can be worn on a lanyard, stowed in a handbag or clipped to a keychain, features an SOS button that can instantly connect the user with an emergency care center, allowing two-way voice communication. Specialists can speak with and track the eCare+Voice user via GPS, dispatch local EMS and relay critical medical information to first responders. Caregivers can also locate the eCare+Voice user online anytime, via a free mobile app or by sending a text message.

Christopher D. Newton, President and CEO of Securus, Inc. said:

“We want to enable our aging loved ones to live independently for as long as possible, and new technology capabilities are making it easier for people to stay in their homes longer and feel free to travel or run errands while maintaining instant access to emergency assistance.”

“Next-generation M2M technology can provide seniors with an additional layer of safety wherever they go while also giving caregivers and loved ones more peace of mind.”

Today’s seniors are increasingly embracing technology, and with products like eCare+Voice, seniors can easily maintain their active, independent lifestyles. Securus is continuously developing new products in response to rising customer demand, using emerging mobile technology to create affordable devices that enhance personal safety and security.

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