Eurotech Announces Everyware Software Framework 2.0 for Improved Device Lifecycle Management in Machine-to-Machine Applications

Eurotech Announces Everyware Software Framework 2.0 for Improved Device Lifecycle Management in Machine-to-Machine Applications

New ESF 2.0 Release includes Seamless Remote Device Operation and Management to Enable Internet of Things.

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the launch of the Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF) 2.0 to give developers proven machine-to-machine (M2M) building blocks and solid built-in remote device and application management. ESF 2.0 provides a cost-effective, flexible and IT-oriented framework to build next generation connected device applications including the ability to remotely configure and upgrade the application throughout its lifecycle.

Tiziano Modotti, Corporate Product Marketing Manager, Eurotech, said:

“Already proven to simplify connected device application development, ESF now gives developers even more tools to evolve their projects once devices are deployed.”

“With the ability to quickly implement and leverage advanced networking services, cloud connectivity protocols and remote device management, developers can design applications in an emulated environment and then deploy on target. ESF is already a proven framework and the updates in version 2.0 will help enterprise organizations save time and money as they deploy and operate new Internet of Things applications.”

Advanced device lifecycle management features in ESF 2.0 include event logging/history, profile and localization, configuration, snapshots and rollbacks, remote access, and remote OS commands. ESF 2.0 offers these expanded services in a consistent Java/OSGi environment fully integrated with the industry standard Eclipse IDE.

Additional new features in ESF 2.0 include:

  • Application Container: Default services to speed up application development include database, start and stop, segregation and monitoring.
  • Operation and Management: Manage all stages of the device application lifecycle remotely from installation to upgrade to configuration and debug.
  • Connectivity and Delivery: Default services include sophisticated queuing, always on connection, self-restoring of the connection and link management.
  • Administration GUI: A modern user interface makes local configuration of services and applications straightforward and easy to customize.

ESF provides a cost-effective, flexible and IT- oriented device application framework to build the new generation of connected, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. ESF provides complete device abstraction that is consistent across all hardware interfaces including serial ports, USB ports, Ethernet, Wifi, GPS, cellular modems, Watchdog, CAN port, digital and analog I/Os and others. ESF is designed to separate applications from the hardware underneath, to easily leverage software developments across different hardware architectures, generations and devices.

Coupled with modern protocols and Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud integration platform, ESF helps companies focus on their core competencies with instant M2M cloud platform connectivity at a faster time to market. For more information visit

See ESF in action at JavaOne Booth 5616 from Sept 22 – 26 in San Francisco, and throughout the event in the live, multi-location, multi-day demo, IoT in Motion: Driving Business Value from Edge Device to Business Application.

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