Gemalto, Oracle and V2COM Collaborate to Deliver M2M Technology for Smart Grid Solutions in Latin America

Gemalto, Oracle and V2COM Collaborate to Deliver M2M Technology for Smart Grid Solutions in Latin America

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that it is working with Oracle and V2COM, a leading developer of Smart Grid systems, in delivering a flexible smart energy solution.

This advanced Smart Grid Platform leveraging Gemalto’s Cinterion modules with Oracle Java ME Embedded and Oracle Java SE Embedded, will help to modernize electrical power delivery throughout Latin America. The unique combination of data security and modular, Java-based solutions will help enable leading-edge smart metering, along with “big data” integration and power network automation, to improve overall energy efficiency, as well as quality of service for utility companies.

V2COM’s innovative solution uses Gemalto’s Cinterion modules with Oracle Java ME Embedded to securely and reliably communicate energy usage data over wireless networks. These modules seamlessly communicate with V2COM’s Intellligenceware Suite, which uses Oracle Java SE Embedded, Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM) and GlassFish Server Open Source Edition to connect meter and sensor data into back-end utility IT systems. This allows electric companies to reduce energy losses and fraudulent incidents by improving remote monitoring and management of energy consumption. Quality of service to customers is also improved with faster response times when outages or other issues occur. The intelligent design is scalable, flexible and robust, and can be quickly customized to the individual demands of local market energy providers.

Nandini Ramani, vice president of development, Java Platform, Oracle, said:

“Gemalto’s M2M solutions integrate seamlessly with V2COM and Oracle’s technologies. Together, we provide a simple, scalable and cost-effective smart energy architecture.”

“Supported by the world’s largest community of developers and deployed in over three billion devices worldwide, Java enables smart energy companies to rapidly create and adapt sophisticated M2M solutions that improve business. V2COM also works very closely with our dedicated Utilities Business Unit, implementing the leading Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management solution, which is key to the successful rollout of smart meters. It offers scalable, robust functionality, together with a full suite of analytics, to support utilities in Brazil and across the world.”

“We relied on Gemalto’s market-proven security expertise to design a solution that is unique in the market for safeguarding the integrity of the power grid infrastructure,” said Guilherme Spina, Managing Director, V2COM.

“This solution is already deployed in various countries across Latin America, including Brazil which currently has 69 million installed energy meters and adds six to seven million new meters every year. In Colombia, for example, automated network management reduced response times to issues like power outages by 40 percent.”

“The modernization of the Brazilian electricity network requires a $23 billion investment by 2030 for various operational and technical improvements including smart meters, billing automation and quality control,” added Ramzi Abdine, Regional Manager for M2M at Gemalto Latin America.

“Gemalto’s extensive expertise in smart metering and remote monitoring, and its customizable, reliable Java-based technology enable our customers to offer the most comprehensive solutions to utility companies that are upgrading their systems.”

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