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Bell launches web-based M2M Management Centre for business customers

Bell launches web-based M2M Management Centre for business customers

Innovative service developed in collaboration with Ericsson enables machine to machine customers to remotely view and administer connected devices.

Bell today announced the launch of the new Bell Machine to Machine (M2M) Management Centre, a secure online portal offering Canadian businesses a comprehensive suite of tools to manage connected devices across their operations.

The Bell M2M Management Centre was developed in collaboration with Ericsson and enables Bell customers to view, administer and control network-connected devices through a single dashboard interface, improving their operational efficiency while reducing costs.

“Canadian businesses of all kinds are connecting their remote meters, tracking tools and other devices on Canada’s best networks with Bell. Our new M2M Management Centre makes these connected machines more manageable and more productive for our customers,” said Nauby Jacob, Bell Mobility’s Vice President of Services, Product and Content.

“The number of M2M connections in Canada is expected to nearly double to 3.6 million by 2016, and tools like the M2M Management Centre maximize efficiency in managing large portfolios of devices.”

The Bell M2M Management Centre gives customers enhanced control of their remotely connected devices, automated processes and field operations. Understanding location, performance and usage patterns via a centralized tool increases productivity by enabling users to better manage billing, connection activations, and in-field activity tracing, while resolving performance issues quickly with real-time diagnostics.

“Ericsson’s platform on which the Bell M2M Management Centre is based has been successfully integrated and deployed worldwide with multiple leading carriers,” said Fredrik Alatalo, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Ericsson Canada Inc.

“With leadership in advanced broadband networks, managed business communications services and innovative, customer-focused tools like the M2M Management Centre, Bell is well positioned to further advance M2M adoption by organizations across Canada. We are proud to support Bell’s success in the M2M business.”

M2M is the flow of data between network connected devices without the need for human interaction, such as vehicle tracking devices, vending machines, billboards, hydro systems and parking meters. Bell serves customers in the automotive, transportation, utilities / energy, security, healthcare and government sectors with M2M solutions including asset tracking, fleet management, wireless backup connectivity, wireless point of sale, remote monitoring, telematics and digital signage.

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Advantech October 2020 webinar

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