KORE Marks 1,000 Unique Devices Now Certified on its Dedicated M2M Network

KORE Marks 1,000 Unique Devices Now Certified on its Dedicated M2M Network

KORE Eclipses Individual M2M Device Certification Count of Tier 1 Cellular Carriers Driven by Impending North American 2G to 3G GSM Network Transition.

KORE, the world’s largest wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that more than 1,000 unique M2M devices have now been certified on its wireless global network, accelerated in part by the surge in certifications of 3G devices as the 2G GSM network is phased out in North America.

This mark eclipses the individual device certifications issued by Tier 1 carriers and underscores the unique capabilities that KORE brings to market for M2M solution providers.

As a member of both PTCRB and CDG, KORE provides more network and technology options than any M2M network provider in the industry and gives its partners the power to select from a broad list of device specifications for any given M2M application. For example, highly mobile devices for Pay-How-You-Drive insurance programs measuring consumer driving behavior will vary dramatically from fixed wireless, long-term applications such as remote streetlight monitoring and management. KORE can match usage requirements with a host of other selection criteria such as network support, physical size, antenna requirements, weight, battery life, cost, expected lifecycle and a number of additional performance characteristics.

Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE, said:

“This important benchmark highlights the singular focus of our dedicated Certification Team, put in place some years ago with the specific aim to place KORE at the forefront of device credentialing.”

“I can say now that KORE has firmly taken hold of that mantle and along with it, takes extreme pride in being able to shorten the time-to-market for our customers, especially in light of the need to certify 3G devices as the 2G network in North America is phased out by 2017.”

The KORE pool of cellular devices now holds 682 GSM devices across 195 vendors, including Cinterion, Sierra Wireless, Enfora, MultiTech and Digi, and 310 CDMA devices from 144 vendors, including Sierra Wireless, BlueTree, Calamp and Novatel. With the addition of satellite services, KORE also now certifies 15 devices on the Iridium satellite spectrum.

The telehealth market currently represents one of the fastest growing M2M segments, with 15 devices now certified by KORE. Other high-growth segments are payment processing, now with more than 18 devices online and remote monitoring/green initiatives with more than 53.

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