Axeda 6.6 Delivers Advanced Innovations to Power the Internet of Things

Axeda 6.6 Delivers Advanced Innovations to Power the Internet of Things

Release Accelerates Application Development and Enhances Support for Microcontrollers.

Axeda Corporation, the leading provider of cloud-based services for building and deploying Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the 6.6 release of its award-winning Axeda Machine Cloud®. The release introduces powerful new features including a developer’s workbench, a new UI framework, a new software development kit (SDK) for remote access, improved asset search, and enhanced analytics and reporting. In addition, Axeda 6.6 includes support for microcontroller connectivity, providing easy access to extensive M2M/IoT application platform capabilities for embedded systems developers. Axeda Machine Cloud 6.6 brings new levels of developer productivity while introducing new capabilities that make it even easier to rapidly build and deploy powerful M2M/IoT solutions.

“In the world of the Internet of Things, empowering developers and ubiquitous device connectivity are both paramount towards pushing the boundaries of connected machine innovation.” said Bill Zujewski, Axeda CMO and EVP of product strategy and marketing.

“With extensive developer efficiency features and expanded connectivity support in Axeda 6.6, we’ve focused on helping our customers introduce the next-generation of machines and M2M/IoT solutions while greatly reducing time to market.”

New Axeda Workbench Makes It Easy To Rapidly Build M2M/IoT Applications
Axeda Workbench extends the Axeda SDK with two new tools, Axeda Artisan and Axeda Mentor. Axeda Artisan seamlessly integrates Axeda capabilities into popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to boost developer productivity.
Key features of Axeda Artisan include:

  • Use code management and project structure to create, manage, and publish M2M/IoT application code;
  • Build M2M/IoT projects, write code using Axeda libraries, manage source code, and easily upload code to the Axeda Machine Cloud;
  • Integrate with the Java IDE and source code control software of your choice and enjoy in-editor code-completion and quick access to documentation for the Axeda Scripting API; and
  • Create versioned installer files that can be used to install, upgrade, update & uninstall Axeda projects.

Axeda Mentor, currently in Beta testing, is the next generation of developer documentation. The tool provides excellent search and navigation features for an optimized developer experience, and includes “Getting Started” content, along with learn-by-example information, “How-to” tutorial topics and full API specifications.

Axeda Ready Connectivity Program Extends Access to Microcontrollers
The Axeda Ready Program provides development, testing and certification processes that ensure compatibility and ease of deployment with the Axeda Machine Cloud. In this latest release, Axeda adds support for ARM Cortex™-M3 processors and ARM mbed, the rapid development platform for ARM-based microcontrollers. The seamless Machine Cloud and mbed platform support enables an end-to-end solution, from intelligent processors to advanced application development.

See separate press release issued today: Axeda Announces Alliance with ARM to Accelerate Internet of Things Innovation

Additional Axeda 6.6 Features and Benefits

  • New UI Framework for an Optimized End-User Experience. The new Axeda Console – a modern, flexible and extensible User Interface (UI) – delivers a personalized customer experience, optimized to each individual’s unique operational workflow, while ensuring a consistent look and feel. The UI adapts automatically for desktop, smartphone- and tablet-based displays, and can be branded in the customers’ own look and feel.
  • Fast searching and tracking of assets. Asset quick search allows customers to easily find assets from anywhere in the Axeda Console using a single, consistent interface; assets can be located by name or model number with type-ahead searching. A new asset tracking module displays a map of assets along with color-coded status indicators to show which assets are online, missing, muted or unregistered. Customers can use multiple filters, such as online/offline status, region, asset group or serial number, to visualize devices of interest.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Dashboard Capabilities. Users are now able to receive self-contained interactive reports by email, and can now build sophisticated interactive workspaces using not only content internal to the platform, but external data sources as well.
  • Expression Rules Editor Enhancements. Version 6.6 streamlines expression rule execution, scaling seamlessly for complex logic used on very large numbers of devices. New triggers allow rules to more easily react to changing device conditions, while changes in the interface and debugging capabilities make it faster and easier to create and test rules. Users can monitor rule changes and create email lists to notify others of terminated or disabled rules.
  • New APIs and developer features to streamline M2M application development. A new API pattern for the Axeda Data Model, with support for 28 objects, allows for more flexibility, consistency, and robustness in building applications, and provides fine grain controls for scripts. When integrating the Axeda Platform with other systems, a new user-type of “API Only” can be utilized, to allow for system-to-system integrations.
  • SDK for Remote Access. A new API for programmatically initiating a secure tunnel for remote access and desktop sharing sessions enables direct access to Axeda’s remote access capabilities from any Java based application and eliminates the need to use the Axeda Console to initiate login sessions.

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