Axeda Announces Alliance with ARM to Accelerate Internet of Things Innovation

Axeda Announces Alliance with ARM to Accelerate Internet of Things Innovation

Axeda Joins ARM Connected Community, Introduces Joint IoT Development Kit.

Axeda, the leading provider of cloud-based services for building and deploying Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced it is a new member in the ARM Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.  As part of the alliance, Axeda and ARM have co-developed the Axeda Go kit for ARM mbed. Axeda Go guides developers through the steps for connecting an mbed board, provisioning an mbed device on the Axeda Machine Cloud and installing sample code into an mbed workspace. The joint offering of hardware, software and cloud services significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity associated with bringing new projects from ideas to full production.

Axeda also announced that ARM Cortex™-M3 based platforms, as featured on, have completed Axeda Readydevelopment, testing and certification, which ensures compatibility with the Axeda Machine Cloud®. The 32-bit processor design leading the industry is the Cortex-M series from ARM. Made up of several models it is a family of easy to use, low power processors that meet the needs of tomorrow’s embedded applications. The Cortex-M3 is designed for real-time applications in a broad range of devices including microcontrollers, industrial control systems, wireless and wired networking, and sensors. As the engine for M2M SOCs and modules, the Cortex-M3 provides the foundation for unsurpassed M2M capabilities on a device level, including data/alarm processing, device management and distributed applications.

By allowing modules and microcontrollers to quickly and easily integrate with the Axeda Machine Cloud, the Axeda Ready andAxeda Go programs extend the reach of the ‘Internet of Things’, broaden options available to customers, and reduce the cost and complexity of connecting.  Increased application capabilities driven by new 32 bit designs, combined with compact web server and RF designs will accelerate the use of microcontrollers in intelligent connected devices and machines.

“With the advent of microcontrollers, both the reach of the ecosystem and the variety of use-cases are dramatically extended,” said David Canavan, executive vice president of business development at Axeda. 

“With more intelligence residing within the machine, developers can focus resources on creating application-level differentiation.  Now more than ever, with Axeda Readyand Axeda Go organizations have a fully integrated solution for fast, cost-effective entry into the Internet of Things.”

“The Axeda Go QuickStart Kit, combined with ARM mbed and ARM Cortex-M processors, will help companies to create exciting and intelligent ARM-based products that quickly connect with the Internet of Things,” said Simon Ford, director, IoT Platforms, ARM.

“The Axeda Ready Program gives companies an easy way to jumpstart IoT and M2M programs and enables rapid innovation so they can differentiate their products easily and quickly. We look forward to seeing both the Kit and the Program helping to produce the next generation of energy-efficient, smart technology.”

Dan Shey, Practice Director, ABI Research, said:

“Across all industries and geographies, the biggest challenge we see is for organizations to find simpler and faster ways to develop an IoT solution.” 

“The offer from Axeda and ARM Holdings will help developers and businesses accelerate IoT solution development with a suite of capabilities extending from devices on the edge of the network, to developer tools, to cloud applications and services.”

View a tutorial on how to get started with the Axeda Go kit for ARM mbed:

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