Bell the first Canadian wireless provider to join the Global M2M Association (GMA)

Bell the first Canadian wireless provider to join the Global M2M Association (GMA)

Bell today announced enhanced Machine to Machine (M2M) services for Canadian business customers with a global presence through a new partnership with the Global M2M Association (GMA).

Bell is the first Canadian wireless carrier to join the GMA, a leading multi-carrier cooperation supporting M2M deployments around the world.

Nauby Jacob, Bell Mobility’s Vice President of Services, Product and Content, said:

“By partnering with the GMA, Bell is able to offer customers with international operations a superior level of M2M service and support across Europe – an important advantage for Bell as trade with this region expands in the years ahead.”

Partnership in the GMA gives Bell customers access to an established global M2M ecosystem including:

  • Enhanced quality of service and M2M roaming services across an extended European footprint of 28 countries, representing more than 90% of the European population including Austria, Baltics, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Nordics, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK
  • Coordinated customer support and escalation procedures
  • Optimized device/network interoperability through harmonized modules testing and certification procedures

The Global M2M Association is a service cooperation agreement in the M2M sector signed by Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia,  and TeliaSonera to deliver best-in-class M2M services to customers operating global businesses. The GMA continues to add wireless service provider participants from around the world, committed to simplifying the way international M2M communications are deployed and managed. For more information, please visit

Machine to Machine (M2M) is the flow of data between network connected devices without the need for human interaction, such as vehicle tracking devices, vending machines, billboards, hydro systems and parking meters. Bell offers M2M services to customers in the automotive, transportation, utilities / energy, security, healthcare and government sectors, including asset tracking, fleet management, wireless backup connectivity, wireless point of sale, remote monitoring, telematics and digital signage.

To learn more about Bell’s M2M solutions, please visit

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