SkyWave Long Life Battery-Powered M2M Solution Adopted for Operation in Intense Maritime Environments

SkyWave Long Life Battery-Powered M2M Solution Adopted for Operation in Intense Maritime Environments

Falcon Mega Solutions adopts IDP-800 satellite terminals for reliable, flexible and robust management of maritime vessels anytime, anywhere around the globe.

Remote monitoring, tracking, controlling and communication with trailers, containers, vehicles and vessels can be a very difficult task when supporting applications that lack flexibility. To meet the needs of Falcon Mega Solutions’ customers, the company turned to its partner, SkyWave Mobile Communications, a global provider of wireless data communications for the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market.

A solution was devised by incorporating the new IDP-800 satellite terminal with an enclosed battery compartment. This works particularly well in intense situations including extremely low and high temperatures, direct and intense sunlight, excessive humidity and winds carrying salty water and sea water sprays. The low profile, rugged terminals use the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service to complement land, mobile and maritime applications that poll and query in both real-time and scheduled data exchanges. For Falcon Mega Solutions’ customers, the design of the terminal and battery case easily fits on vessels, and it can be hidden with an optional remote antenna on the vessel’s exterior. The terminal supports a flexible Lua programming environment that allows for the development of customized on-board applications. The terminals are ideal for embedded GPS, multiple input/outputs, a serial interface, and a typical latency of 100 bytes in under 15 seconds.

“We were among the first to take part in the beta testing of IDP-800 and we found it a perfect unit for M2M Solutions,” said F. Sher, CEO & Managing Director at Falcon Mega Solutions.

“In tests at our workshop and onboard various vessels in intense marine environments, we found IDP-800 to be a highly reliable, robust and flexible device that meets any M2M solution, especially Vessel Remote Monitoring (VRM). The hardware and Lua programming software of IDP-800 is second to none.”

End-users have the option to power the terminals with non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries or vehicle power. The terminals are designed to use AA batteries to supply either the main power source or as backup. To prolong the life of the battery, a magnetic switch can turn off the terminal.

“SkyWave’s new IDP-800 terminal provides reliable and cost-effective management of a business’ assets anytime, anywhere on a global scale,” adds Sher.

“This is the only global trailer tracking terminal using a satellite constellation with a life beyond 2020. Combined with the flexible battery options, this solution offers exceptional ROI over the long-term.”

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