AirIQ Selects KORE for M2M Network

AirIQ Selects KORE for M2M Network

AirIQ Inc., a supplier of wireless location-based services, today announced the signing of an agreement with KORE Wireless Canada Inc. for wireless M2M connectivity throughout North America and Europe.

Under the agreement, AirIQ may now offer its customers access to one of the most comprehensive and scalable global networks available, enabling GSM, GPRS and CDMA M2M applications.

Donald Gibbs, President and Chief Executive Officer of AirIQ, stated:

“KORE offers the best in coverage, choice and reliability in M2M connectivity, which will allow AirIQ to deliver the most advanced and reliable GPS technology and services to its customers.”

“KORE’s diversity means multiple customizable technologies for AirIQ’s subscribers depending on their individual usage and needs,” continued Mr. Gibbs.

The agreement with KORE is important to AirIQ and its customers as it sets the groundwork for a smooth transition from one network to another as technologies change and advance enabling more powerful M2M applications.

“We are excited at the opportunity to help AirIQ extend the productivity and value of its customers’ assets,” said Robert Metzler, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, KORE.

“Any M2M solution requires consistent geographic coverage, redundant architecture and a multiplicity of network options available in a single resource in order to perform ‘as designed,’ and AirIQ’s growing base of service fleets, rental firms, auto dealers and asset management companies can rest easy knowing that’s what they’ll get every time with KORE inside.”

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