Numerex Enables Transition of ETwater to Next Generation Technology

Numerex Enables Transition of ETwater to Next Generation Technology

Irrigation Technology Company Looks to the Leader in M2M to Provide Smart Solutions.

Numerex, a leading provider of on-demand and interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, which enables the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today that it has completed the successful upgrade and migration of ETwater, the Smart Irrigation Technology Leader, to next generation network and application technologies for their line of connected smart irrigation solutions.

Recent technology advancements convinced ETwater to accelerate the integration of an advanced M2M/IoT solution in its own business. Naturally, ETwater looked to Numerex to assist in the planning and execution of the project that included deployment of a turnkey, packaged solution including network services, support, and key technical capabilities.

The technology upgrade was powered by Numerex FAST, a cloud-based, highly scalable, horizontal service delivery platform which is complemented by an intelligent, web-based management portal. NumerexFAST gives customers like ETwater the ability to offer faster and more reliable wireless connectivity, enabling critical improvements in efficiency and enhanced return on investment.

Since the implementation of the upgrade, ETwater customers utilizing the new solution provided by Numerex have benefited from faster user interface navigation, rapid irrigation schedule updates, and improved synchronization with systems that provide weather data and other information. This advanced capability also enhances the speed of OTA, or “over the air” updates. That allows ETwater to help their customers stay current with the latest features and functionalities using remote upgrading of deployed devices–all of this without ever having to dispatch personnel to service the device in the field.

Scott Wiley, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management said:

“We are proud to partner with technology companies like ETwater to help them deliver innovative products and the latest in M2M / IoT technologies to their customers.”

“The decision to migrate to next generation network and application technology can be a daunting task for any customer, but it is one that Numerex is adept at delivering.”

According to ETwater SVP Product Lee Williams:

“Numerex has gone out of their way to provide us with technical support resources, and to help streamline implementation efforts. Furthermore, they worked with us on the business side to provide an upgrade path, and they keep us updated on the status of their relationships with their network service partners. We are very pleased with the process and with the results.”

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