Netop Creates Secure Tunnels Into Internet of Things With SecureM2M

Netop Creates Secure Tunnels Into Internet of Things With SecureM2M

New SecureM2M solution counters cyber-threats with simple, secure remote access into industrial controls, building automation and other networked devices.

Netop today announced that its solution for secure remote access into devices – SecureM2M – is available to product developers, system integrators and IT and network professionals in both software and hardware formats. Netop SecureM2M creates secure tunnels into the Internet of Things – allowing easy-to-deploy access into industrial controls, building automation, HVAC and SCADA systems. Netop SecureM2M provides port-specific access and logs all sessions, which makes it ideal for use by vendors and other trusted, out-of-band agents. Because it performs well in low-bandwidth/high-latency environments, Netop SecureM2M is the solution of choice for maritime, natural resources and other industries where devices are remotely deployed and connected via satellite.

“When we began developing our secure, M2M solution, we wanted to create a way to improve access to remotely deployed devices while increasing overall network security,” said Kurt Bager, CEO of Netop.

“SecureM2M successfully removes network vulnerabilities by taking devices off of the public-facing Internet and makes it easier for organizations to manage and control employee and out-of-band access to systems and devices. It is the next step in the evolution of secure connectivity.”

Netop SecureM2MNetop’s cloud-based connectivity technology extends access beyond the local network without exposing end points to the public-facing Internet. Port-specific access limits the devices and applications that are exposed, allowing access without compromising security. Netop SecureM2M can be deployed onto industrial controls and other device LANs as a plug-and-play hardware device or installed directly onto servers or devices. These flexible deployment options give Netop SecureM2M a wider range of device and platform support than any other option.

“With the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things, the ability to remotely support devices is more crucial than ever,” said Bager. “As we have seen in recent hacking events, when HVAC systems and other devices are exposed to the public Internet or accessed through an open VPN port, they present a new risk to networks – including payment systems and other critical business systems. Our customers need a solution that allows remote support without adding risk.”

Both the software and hardware versions of Netop SecureM2M are available directly from Netop. Manufacturers and developers can register for free trials of Netop SecureM2M at

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