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InHand Networks selects Gemalto for M2M service launch in China

InHand Networks selects Gemalto for M2M service launch in China

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that InHand Networks, a leader of industrial M2M solutions in China, is integrating Gemalto’s Cinterion® PHS8 module into their InRouter 900 series.

The Inhand Networks product, powered by Gemalto’s industrial-grade M2M technology, provides customers with remotely manageable secure solutions for large-scale M2M deployments, widely used in M2M applications for multiple device connections in the rural area. This includes vending machines, digital signage, remote medical devices, industrial automation equipments, smart grid, field machinery and digital factory.

The combined solution is able to support challenging network management involving thousands of remote machines or VPN connections that is common in M2M applications. With a compatible footprint, the solution ensures reliable communications while facilitating migration to 4G LTE technology. It also simplifies integration and streamlines mass manufacturing leading to lower production costs. In addition, its compact form factor is ideal for space-constrained M2M applications such as industrial PDAs, global tracking and tracing devices, discreet security systems, mHealth solutions and more.

Gemalto’s Cinterion PHS8 is an industry certified solution that has a modular design and integrates core functionalities for the most important applications. Therefore, it provides our devices with the benefits of quickening up the certification process and supporting automated production in a cost-effective fashion,” said Mr. Li Ming, CEO of InHand Networks. “These are the major enablers to help us become a key player in the massive M2M deployment in both domestic and international markets.”

Michael Wallon, Vice President of M2M Sales for Asia & Pacific at Gemalto, added:

“In China, the market size to support the Internet of Things will reach 750 Billion RMB by 2015 with an annual growth rate of more than 30%. The Gemalto-powered technology enables a reliable route to upgrade to 4G cellular technology and provides worldwide coverage and reliability even when roaming across different networks”

These product benefits enable InHand Networks to fully capitalize on the existing and emerging business opportunities from the global M2M market.”

Note: Analysis Report of Development Prospect and Investment Forecast of The Internet of Things Industry in China(2013-2017)- Jul, 2013, China’s Economic Future
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