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CoSwitched announced today the launch of its pan-European mobile virtual network

 CoSwitched announced today the launch of its pan-European mobile virtual network

Based in Lisbon, CoSwitched is a new Telecom startup that seeks to take advantage of the current vibe surrounding Internet of Things to offer a pan-European mobile virtual network.

CoSwitched announced today the soft launch of its service.

Launched to provide an easy way to manage your connected machines across Europe, CoSwitched connects machines to the Internet using GSM connectivity in more than 20 countries.

Bruno Duarte, Co-founder of CoSwitched, said:

“IoT is the most exciting and one of the fastest growing markets at the moment. Machines can be connected to the Internet using many technologies. Traditional operators and their partners dominate the GSM connectivity service, however times have changed. We truly believe that the industry lacks a different type of connectivity provider.”

“CoSwitched aims to disrupt the market with a simple, affordable and no frills and no boundaries value proposition. We expect to have between 10 to 15 thousand GSM connections in the first year.”

CoSwitched is a lean organisation with key partnerships and is focused on the essentials. As a result, CoSwitched will be the first affordable pan-European GSM connectivity provider for machines on the market. In addition, CoSwitched provides a state-of-the-art platform to manage and monitor the connectivity of the machines.

CoSwitched has a direct market strategy through an online shop. End users and manufacturers of machines can order SIM cards from the shop and manage them immediately.

CoSwitched SIM cards with a Basic pricing plan are available from €1.50 per month (including VAT) and include 5 megabytes of data per month in 23 countries. SIM cards can be ordered immediately from the CoSwitched online shop.

CoSwitched has local presence in the Portugal, UK and France.

For more information about CoSwitched, please visit

About CoSwitched
CoSwitched is an Internet of Things Mobile Virtual Network Operator that provides voice, messaging and data services to facilitate Machine-2-Machine (M2M) communications. CoSwitched is the one stop shop for machines’ connectivity.
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