Never loosing luggage again thanks to ‘Connected’ suitcases

Never loosing luggage again thanks to ‘Connected’ suitcases

An easier luggage process and less stress for the passenger thanks to two smart innovations on basis of M2M technology.

KPN, Fast Track Company and Air France/KLM/Delta Airlines are working on two innovations for easier tracking and tracing of luggage.

With M2M technology the position of just about every piece of luggage can be determined, anywhere in the world and at any time. From this basis, KPN, FastTrack Company and Air France/KLM/Delta Airlines started to make M2M applicable for the luggage processes in aviation. The results are eTrack and eTag, two applications that can be used both combined and separately.

KPN connected luggage solutioneTrack: Always know where luggage is

eTrack is a compact device that a passenger can put in his suitcase or travel bag and that continuously tracks its location via GPS and GSM. With a special eTrack app, one can track the luggage piece accurately, wherever in the world. eTrack uses the patented Auto Flight Mode, that meets all international rules for the use of GSM and radio signals on board of airplanes.

Also, eTrack helps to prevent theft, by connecting the luggage piece to the owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth. As soon as the owner and the luggage are a certain distance away from each other – a distance set by the owner -, the alarm sounds on the smartphone. Besides, with eTrack it is very easy to check whether a luggage piece has been opened between check-in and baggage claim.

eTag: faster luggage process

eTag is an electronic luggage tag with two e-ink displays that can already be provided with the right barcode with flight information during online check-in. With this, the passenger arranges his boarding pass and luggage tag. This adds to the swiftness and efficiency of the luggage process and reduces waiting at the luggage drop-off. The traveler inscribes eTag with his eTrack, or directly from his eTrack app via Bluetooth.

Also, the passenger and flight information is being stored on the built-in RFID-chip. Last mentioned technology is on the increase in aviation as a track and trace application in the luggage process.

Air France/KLM/Delta Airlines, Fast Track Company and KPN expect to introduce eTag and eTrack this autumn. Samsonite will integrate the eTag and the eTrack in a limited edition suitcase.

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