Axeda Announces Machine and Sensor Data Streaming Service for the Internet of Things

Axeda Announces Machine and Sensor Data Streaming Service for the Internet of Things

New Release of IoT Platform Efficiently Feeds Big Data to Applications and Analytics Solutions.

The Innovation District — Axeda Corporation, the leading cloud-based service and software for connecting, building and managing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the 6.8 release of its award-winning Axeda Machine Cloud®.  The release introduces powerful new features including Machine Streams™, Connected Builder™, enhancements to Axeda Policy Server for access control, and Axeda Artisan for developer enablement and IDE integration.

Axeda Machine Cloud 6.8 brings new levels of scalability, performance and security to integrating machine and sensor data into the enterprise.  The Machine Stream service is ideal for connecting machines and devices to Big Data and analytics systems.  Accurate real-time data from the physical world provides insights into business and customer interactions that were not possible before products were connected.  The intelligence from this data will improve operational efficiency, enable predictive maintenance and improve product design.

Dave Hart, CTO of Axeda, said:

“We’ve designed a solution to support billions of time-series and location-based messages being processed, transformed and forwarded to enterprise systems.”

“Our customers require real-time access to machine-generated and sensor data to feed their analytics and BigData systems as well as other business systems. Machine Streams delivers that securely and at hyper scale.”

Jerry Baulier, Director of Analytic Server R&D at SAS, said developing useful intelligence from vast volumes of machine and sensor data is challenging without the right solutions.

“SAS has deep experience in advanced analytics, and the combination of SAS® Event Stream Processing and the Axeda platform provides a fast, powerful solution for organizations struggling to find insight in staggering amounts of real-time data, including that from IoT environments.”

The SAS booth at Connexion 2014 features a demonstration of the Axeda and SAS software working together.

John Crupi, Chief Technology Officer, Visual Analytics, Software AG noted:

“The Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change how people and businesses use technology.  The IoT is expected to result in up to 24 billion Internet-connected objects by 2020, promising to be the most disruptive technology in decades.  This massive connectivity will create a huge amount of never-ending data; and in this data-driven era, the ability to make timely decisions is going to be crucial. The combination of Software AG’s visualization capability and Axeda’s Machine Streams platform will become an increasingly effective tool for presenting information and solving complex analyses of both historical and real-time data from sensor and machine sources.”

The Machine Cloud 6.8 release includes:

  • Axeda Machine Streams, a new service with APIs for streaming high volumes of data from Axeda to other systems including Big Data analytics.  Machine Streams processes incoming raw data and turns sensor and other machine-generated data into information that Information Technology organizations can integrate into the enterprise.  Every asset that connects to the Axeda Platform can feed Machine Streams.  Streams can be configured for processing and filtering of Data, Mobile Locations, Alarms and Registrations.  It supports standard or proprietary protocols, included robust error handling, retrying, and health monitoring.
  • Axeda Connected Builder, a new cloud-based tool for configuring and managing Axeda’s intelligent Gateway Agent. With Connected Builder customers will have even more flexibility in managing their agent projects. From an easy to use interface customers can specify the details of agent projects. They can now choose to deploy agent projects via Axeda Connected Content sending specific agents to specific sets of assets. And as with the rest of Axeda’s cloud products, Connected Builder will allow customers to archive, store historic records, and manage sets of agent configurations all from the Axeda Console.
  • Artisan enhancements contain key changes to the Artisan development tool to allow for users to import configuration data into an Axeda instance. Now developers can script migrations between development environments to staging environments or staging environments to production. Customers can take configuration data such as scripts, rules, regions, locations, organizations, extended data, user privileges and groups right from their source control repository and push it into a cloud instance. Configuration data can be moved with a push of a button. Referential integrity and other checks will be performed to ensure that operations run smoothly.
  • Policy Server enhancements bring key functionality and user refinements to extremely secure environments such as financial institutions. These companies now have even more granular auditing for tracking changes, edits, and failed login attempts. The ability to export audit logs has been simplified and the workflow for approving pending requests has been streamlined providing even more details to allow operators to make better decisions. 

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