Eurotech Announces DynaGATE 15-10 Multi-Service Transportation Gateway and Edge Controller

Eurotech Announces DynaGATE 15-10 Multi-Service Transportation Gateway and Edge Controller

Rugged, reliable M2M gateway enables Internet of Things applications with data aggregation, on-board processing and data transfer.

Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the DynaGATE 15-10, a multi-service gateway and edge controller designed to meet demanding transportation industry requirements with a rugged design and remote configuration capabilities. Based on the low-power Intel® Quark™ SoC processor, the DynaGATE 15-10 is a reliable, programmable gateway for data aggregation, on-board processing and data transfer to make transportation M2M operations run smoothly, including functions such as routing, vehicle tracking, engine diagnostics and interfaces to on-board systems. The DynaGATE 15-10 integrates with the Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things, which provides the core capabilities to connect, manage, secure and acquire data from IoT systems. The DynaGATE 15-10 is also enabled with Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF) to simplify remote device management and the creation of applications using Java.

“The DynaGATE 15-10 is a smart M2M gateway that allows customers to connect sensors, actuators and devices to the operations center for fast deployment and real-time decision making in IoT applications,” said Kurt Hochanadel, Corporate Product Marketing Manager for Eurotech.

“This rugged, reliable IoT building block is programmable and remotely configurable, simplifying upgrades and extending usability in demanding transportation environments.”

“Intel aligned with Eurotech to create this Intel® Quark™ Technology-based gateway for transportation applications based on its deep expertise in the transportation space, its breadth of products based on Intel processors and its long association with Intel as an Associate member of the IoT Solutions Alliance program,” said Bridget Karlin, Managing Director, IoT Strategy and Technology Office at Intel. “Eurotech is well aligned with Intel’s approach to the Internet of Things and offers the DynaGATE 15-10 as a reference design to be used in integrated IoT solutions.”

Operations teams can manage the DynaGATE 15-10 through the web interface for easy configuration or through the Remote Device Management function of the Everyware Device Cloud full M2M integration platform from Eurotech. Both options make the DynaGATE 15-10 fast to deploy and simple to upgrade over time.

The DynaGATE 15-10 is designed to withstand shock and vibration and operates at extended temperature range with ignition signal input control, making it ideal for rail, bus, trucking and other transportation applications. With integrated support for Wi-Fi, GPS and 802.15.4/Zigbee, DynaGATE 15-10 provides a powerful combination of interfaces for a broad range of communication connectivity environments even when a vehicle is in motion. The DynaGATE 15-10 joins the Eurotech product portfolio of Intel-based gateways, including the ReliaGATE 15-10.

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