Wi-Next IoT and Wireless Networking Get a Boost with Axiros Cloud Management

Wi-Next IoT and Wireless Networking Get a Boost with Axiros Cloud Management

Hosted solutions for new IoT over Wi-Fi applications to give industrial IoT and personal area network customers a range of new options.

Wi-Next, a pioneer of IoT technologies over Wi-Fi, has selected Axiros for the development of IoT applications in the Cloud.

This means that Axiros will provide hosted solutions enabling Wi-Next with more efficient management while delivering plug-and-play, personalized next-generation services of both IoT and wireless networking for its industrial IoT and personal area network customers.

Nicola De Carne, founder and CEO of Wi-Next said:

“Wi-Next’s mission is to provide wireless networking solutions to solve the significant network constraints that the data will create once millions of IoT sensors and nodes are deployed. In fact, thanks to our patented technology, it is possible to create reliable network with distributed data processing capability for a much faster communication between sensor and Cloud.”

“We chose to use Axiros’ AXESS.ACS in a number of applications for IoT, bringing network control and monitoring to previously underserved and brand new areas such as industrial machinery with sensors and actuators distributed throughout the industrial plant and production site.”

“Axiros and Wi-Next created a very reliable, flexible, and easy to deliver and manage solution for the simultaneous control of the networks of things in the industrial and manufacturing segments,” said Alfeo Pareschi, VP of Customer Solutions of Axiros. “We are happy to work with Wi-Next and deliver to the market a solution that meets the increasing needs of control and management in the age of IoT.”

Together the companies’ solution offers many significant features and benefits, including:

  • Native integration of the Wi-Next equipment and Axiros solution for a plug-and-play installation with significant cost and resource savings
  • Best-of-breed solution to manage both IoT and networking equipment with a significant optimization of resources
  • Optional and easy personalization of business application with Axiros’ Device Management Platform
  • Business model flexibility with option use a managed model, contributing to economic savings and faster project delivery
  • Easily scalable (network elements and functions)
  • Improved time-to-market of innovative services both for IoT and networking application

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