Kapsch to Offer CDMA & LTE Wireless Networks to Utilities in Cooperation with Star Solutions in Europe

Kapsch to Offer CDMA & LTE Wireless Networks to Utilities in Cooperation with Star Solutions in Europe

Smart Metering and Smart Grid Control for Utilities.

Kapsch CarrierCom has many years of experience in engineering, deploying, and operating telecommunications networks for railways and public operators. The company is now addressing a new customer segment, offering wireless networks to European energy suppliers based on its cooperation with the Canadian company Star Solutions. Star Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of IP-based wireless networks. The CDMA and LTE technologies offered by Star Solutions are particularly well-suited for the transmission of consumption data recorded by smart meters, smart grid, and other machine-to-machine applications.

“There is currently a great deal of talk about smart cities. The related intelligent networking concepts can only be put into practice if reliable and secure communications are ensured. This is our field of expertise. With Star Solutions, we have found a partner whose technology we can use to cover one of our new strategic business areas with the quality and level of continuity that customers expect of us,” states Thomas Schöpf, COO of Kapsch CarrierCom, regarding the company’s reasons for cooperating with Star Solutions.

“Our strategic cooperation with Star Solutions is an optimal combination of North American technology expertise and our profound knowledge of the European market, including our experience in the implementation of end-to-end solutions,” Thomas Schöpf further points out.

Kapsch CarrierCom is one of the world market leaders in providing mission-critical end-to-end communication solutions for the railway sector, accommodating high requirements in terms of reliability, long-term concepts, and sustainable end-to-end solutions with a high level of customer focus. With Star Solutions as a partner, Kapsch CarrierCom commits to providing an equally reliable, long-term oriented, and customized wireless solution to energy suppliers in Europe, optimizing the use of utilities for the next decade.

Jack Mar, CEO – Star Solutions, said:

“Our proven technology and global expertise in CDMA and LTE wireless infrastructure supporting M2M applications makes this partnership a perfect combination to implement and support the growing demand for smart metering networks throughout Europe.”

CDMA for M2M Networks
CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and describes a process that enables simultaneous transmission of data streams on a shared frequency range. This allows networks to be set up for special applications that are protected from outside interference. One promising new use for this technology is wireless networks designed especially for energy suppliers, which initially can be used to transmit consumption data, and later for the operation of smart grids. A test deployment is already in operation at the Kapsch headquarters in Vienna, and numerous tests have already been carried out with the Star Solutions equipment, testing various configurations including end-to-end scenarios with associated devices and infrastructure.

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