Telit Technology Underpins North American Usage Based Insurance Service

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Telit Technology Underpins North American Usage Based Insurance Service

Telit’s UE910 3G module is embedded in IMETRIK’s end-to-end automotive insurance solution.

Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and services, has announced that IMETRIK, a turnkey telematics services provider, has selected Telit’s popular UE910 series module for its automotive insurance solution. This is a comprehensive, competitive offer that enables insurance companies to track and measure clients’ driving patterns in order to provide a usage-based insurance (UBI) program.

The UE910 3.5G module employs the LGA package, which is ideal for automotive applications. In addition the xE910 unified form factor enables solutions to be designed once and be deployed globally.

IMETRIK launched its UBI solution a year ago, and already it is monitoring over 100,000 vehicles. Recently the company delivered its black box UBI solution based insurance for one of Canada’s largest insurance companies, Desjardins. Once the telematics box is connected to the OBD port of the insured vehicle, it starts gathering driving behavior information.

imetrik UBI solutionThe company’s turnkey service includes integration, design and hardware, plus sensors, power management and global cellular connectivity. IMETRIK is an MNO that manages its own mobile network infrastructure. It does not have base stations: instead MNO-to-MNO agreements with different carriers provide this facility.

“Being an MNO as well as telematics services provider enables better control of the connected devices in different geographic markets.”

“Therefore we needed a module that provided robust connectivity and a wide reach. Telit’s UE910 was the obvious choice,” said Guy Chevrette, IMETRIK’s founder and CEO.

“IMETRIK is in the forefront of adding value and addressing their customers’ needs when it comes to innovative solutions. IMETRIK handles the whole implementation value chain, from the device, to wireless communication, to data processing to analytics,” said Mike Ueland, president of Telit Americas.

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