Itron Selected for Linky Smart Grid Program in France

Itron Selected for Linky Smart Grid Program in France

France’s electric utility to utilize Itron as main supplier for first phase of smart grid deployment.

Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it has been selected by ERDF (Électricité Réseau Distribution France), electricity distribution network operator in France and distribution subsidiary of the Electricité de France Group (EDF), for its Linky smart grid program. Itron will be a major supplier of Linky smart meters for the first phase of the program. The Linky project aims to improve the distribution of electricity in France with an intelligent metering and communications network. In total, ERDF will replace 35 million meters, meeting the EU directive for 80 percent of meters to be smart by 2020.

With this contract, Itron will supply from 1.2 million up to 1.6 million of the Linky smart meters to be deployed by ERDF for the first phase of the program. Itron will deliver the meters from September 2015 through the end of 2016. The contract follows the Linky pilot project in which Itron was a leading participant.

Linky smart meter in FranceThanks to the Linky Smart meters, consumers will be able to better manage their energy consumption and expenses through daily monitoring of their consumption and billing based on actual consumption instead of estimate. Remote readings and simple interventions will be easier and faster, without inconvenience to the customer. The Linky smart meters play an important role in building a network that can transmit data and perform remote operations to enable integration of renewables, diverse tariff implementation and improved outage management. Allowing data to be exchanged at all times on the electricity network is the principal objective of project. The intelligent network will optimize ERDF’s energy infrastructure so the utility can reduce peak consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Bernard Lassus, Director of ERDF Linky Program, says:

“The award of the Linky contracts marks an important step for ERDF and launches the industrial phase of the Linky Program. Its success is based on ERDF partnership with all involved industrial players. With these smart meters, ERDF enters the digital revolution and supports the deployment of smart grids in France.”

“Itron is proud that ERDF has selected us for this significant program. The large volume awarded to Itron is a clear acknowledgement and great reward for our continuous commitment to delivering quality and high performing meters,” said Mark de Vere White, president of Itron’s electricity business line. “Smart grid technology will play an important role in helping ERDF improve electricity delivery, so it can operate more efficiently, save energy and better manage energy resources. We look forward to working with this visionary utility to realize its smart grid vision.”

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