Telit Introduces Cloud-Ready Modules

Telit Introduces Cloud-Ready Modules

Embedded deviceWISE API and m2mAIR Cloud service simplify the creation of applications for m2m and the Internet of Things.

Telit Wireless Solutions, today debuted its first m2mAIR Cloud-ready wireless modules, designed to simplify the development and deployment of comprehensive M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) applications using the m2mAIR Cloud service – an important step toward realizing the company’s vision of the Internet of Things made Plug & Play.

Telit Cloud-ready modules let developers connect and integrate things-to-cloud with just a few simple clicks in little time. Cloud-ready modules feature embedded APIs that are compatible with the well-known Telit on-board AppZone and Python environments and reduce hundreds of lines of code to 16 simple AT commands to move data automatically between remote devices in the field and relevant applications. All the necessary developer resources and support are included and an Evaluation Kit is available for rapid prototyping of custom m2m and IoT device solutions.

The m2mAIR Cloud Platform-as-a-Service, powered by deviceWISE, offers a simple “pay-as-you-grow” usage-based subscription plan – reducing risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost versus building your own point-solution. deviceWISE is an open, developer-friendly, carrier-grade platform, compatible with the TIA TR-50 standard. m2mAIR Cloud features comprehensive management and configuration capabilities to connect, collect, and control anything with bi-directional data transfers between remote devices and the Cloud – from basic entry-level solutions to full-scale enterprise-grade deployments across the globe.

Interested developers can register for a free trial of the m2mAIR Cloud service. The easy-to-use portal has all the necessary visualization tools and dashboards needed for most remote tracking, monitoring and control applications across all industries and markets, right out of the box. m2mAIR Cloud also meets the most stringent requirements of global organizations that rely on mission-critical reliability, security, scalability and enterprise-grade performance with built-in business system integration. Furthermore, it includes APIs that lets developers create their own web-based and mobile applications and dashboards, from simple functions to big data analytics.

Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions, said:

“When we acquired ILS Technology this time last year, we added the final element needed to become a true one stop shop for companies building IoT applications.”

“Today, we are pleased to have completed not only personnel and operational integration, but also the technology integration to realize our ONE STOP. ONE SHOP vision. Connecting your “things” to the cloud has never been easier. We fully intend to populate the Internet of Things with hundreds of millions of m2mAIR Cloud-ready modules in the coming years to drive innovation that makes businesses and industries operate more profitably, and will change the way people live, work and play.”

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