Wirepas Introduces the First Fully Automatic and Distributed Wireless Multi-Hop Mesh IoT Network in the Market

Wirepas Introduces the First Fully Automatic and Distributed Wireless Multi-Hop Mesh IoT Network in the Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) is riding high on top of the hype cycle. At Wirepas, a disruptive new foundation for wireless mesh networks has been created and perfected.

Wirepas is proud to launch Pino[TM]- the first fully automatic and distributed Multi-Hop Mesh IoT network in the market for Machine to Machine (M2M) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) solutions.

The Wirepas Pino protocol stack is simply smarter: the network itself takes on tasks that are much more challenging, if not impossible, to optimize centrally by a single coordinator. With Pino, all network nodes can act independently and more efficiently. External or central control simply cannot compete.

Teppo Hemiä, Wirepas CEO, says:

“There are several application-specific initiatives out there to improve IoT platforms’ scalability, robustness and ease of use. They work on solving problems that originate from the lower protocol stack layers. We turned things around, and created a completely new foundation from the bottom up. Our customers will be able to reduce their life-time costs remarkably.”

Ville Kaseva, Wirepas CTO, explains the breakthrough:
“Instead of using existing protocols, we started with a clean slate. We took the requirements of low power mesh networks, and analyzed which design choices at which protocol stack layers give the best performance for the stack as a whole.”

Pino’s design follows high-level guidelines such as keeping all stack functionality fully autonomous, local decision making distributed to the network, and locally synchronous operation. The wireless medium is used efficiently in both time and frequency domain. These characteristics result in exceptional scalability, reliability, robustness, and energy-efficiency.

Mr. Kaseva is confident: “We see Pino as the enabler platform for IoT devices.”

Pino is a true zero configuration network – installations, extensions, and maintenance are all simple. Just power up the nodes and gateways and everything works, reliably adapting to the environmental conditions. Due to unlimited scalability, both densely populated networks and networks covering large geographical areas can be realized. All network nodes, independent of the role, achieve battery-operated lifetime in the order of years, even the routers.

The Pino protocol stack is completely hardware independent, finalizing the match to a wide range of applications. Pino can use any open market 2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz chipsets. This enables energy efficient indoor networks as well as city-wide networks with the use of long range outdoor radios. Pino makes sure that the underlying hardware is always used as efficiently as possible.

An extensive support tool package with a web tool for real-time network monitoring is included.

Wirepas will be presenting its technology during European Utility Week in Amsterdam in November. “We do have a few things up our sleeves by the EUW. You may want to watch our moves,” winks CEO Teppo Hemiä.

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