CloudGate, Option’s smart M2M solution platform, is now LTE certified

CloudGate, Option’s smart M2M solution platform, is now LTE certified

Option, the company connecting Things to the Cloud, today announces that its M2M solution platform CloudGate is now available for 4G LTE networks.

A major advantage of LTE, as it is becoming the new network technology standard, is that it forms an important asset for connected devices that will have long lifecycles. Furthermore, for applications where performance and responsiveness are critical, LTE can provide a superior solution to previous-generation technologies, and LTE will open new possibilities for smart wireless M2M solutions that require high speed and large data loads.

As an industry first, the same version of CloudGate has been certified on the 4G LTE networks of the major mobile operators in the US, LATAM, EMEA, the Middle East and Asia. Having just one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) working on all major networks greatly reduces the logistical complexity for channel partners. For international manufacturers of industrial goods incorporating gateways this is a hard requirement as it allows them to ship the same product regardless the country of destination.

M2M solutions are being implemented in devices that may need to operate for 5, 10 years or even longer. While these applications are functioning well over 3G or even older 2G networks, the expected lifecycle of those networks is becoming shorter and shorter. CloudGate LTE is future proof, providing investment protection for evolving business needs in the upcoming years.

Option CloudGate is the complete M2M solution platform that provides connectivity, security and processing power for global applications, with a comprehensive set of provisioning and development tools to deliver ease of deployment and maximum flexibility. Taking advantage of the fast data transfer speeds of LTE networks, CloudGate LTE is taking that flexibility to a new level, enabling wireless M2M solutions that demand speed, low latency, security and the ability to handle large data loads.

In addition CloudGate LTE is equipped with many new features: ignition sensing & timed wake up – ideal for telematics and solar applications, expanded RAM, Flash and an SD memory slot – great for running more sophisticate applications on the CloudGate.

Option is working, amongst others, with Avnet and GetWireless for the distribution of CloudGate LTE to channel partners.

Alastair Worth, Marketing Director Wireless for Avnet Embedded:
“We are excited to expand our collaboration with Option, a leading provider of M2M solutions. As the adoption of M2M technologies continues to grow and LTE networks are rapidly being deployed, having CloudGate LTE as well as its sister product CloudGate 3G, allows Avnet Embedded to offer customers the perfect balance between bandwidth requirements, longevities and total cost of ownership.”

Mary Sheldon, Marketing Communications Manager at GetWireless:

“Investing in new M2M LTE solutions means investing in the future. Thanks to CloudGate LTE, we can offer customers an expandable, customizable solution securing their investment for the long term, and in turn eliminating the costs of performing major field replacements due to new network technologies in the upcoming years. Having just one SKU covering all major networks really simplifies the logistics.”

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