M2Mi Announces Enhanced M2M Intelligence® M2M and IoT Enterprise Cloud Platform

M2Mi Announces Enhanced M2M Intelligence® M2M and IoT Enterprise Cloud Platform

M2M Intelligence® platform v5.6 provides enhanced security, privacy and in-stream contextual intelligence – delivered as a subscription-based SaaS offering.

Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation is pleased to announce M2M Intelligence® v5.6, an industry recognized M2M and Internet of Things platform. The latest version of the platform includes enhancements in security, privacy as well as in-stream contextual intelligence.

Many enterprises are looking at IoT solutions to improve efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction and build new revenue opportunities. However, they are challenged by stove-piped and insecure offerings that are unable to build and deploy scalable and insightful connected solutions.

To address these challenges, the M2M Intelligence® v5.6 SaaS platform provides enhanced security, privacy as well as in-stream contextual intelligence – thus enabling organizations to rapidly deploy connected solutions that drive business value. M2Mi’s secure in-stream data analysis enables enterprises gain insight and actionable intelligence from their connected assets.

The M2M Intelligence® SaaS platform is available today for trial and purchase from the IBM Cloud Marketplace as well as from M2Mi.

Geoff Brown, CEO, Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation, says:

“Security, privacy and enhanced analytics are at the fore of customer requirements. The enhanced SaaS platform from M2Mi provides the essential foundation of security, privacy and contextual intelligence required for enterprises to rapidly roll out connected solutions more easily.”

The enhanced M2M Intelligence® v5.6 platform provides the following benefits:

  • In-stream analysis of device data: The M2M and IoT environment is data flow intensive and requires rapid in-stream analysis to provide valuable insight. M2Mi provides drag and drop functionality to build the analysis models and alerts that are critical to your business.
  • Enhanced contextual intelligence – An M2M and IoT ecosystem is always changing – devices, networks, compute assets, applications etc. being added, moved or replaced. M2Mi helps organizations understand current context which is critical for analysis and intelligent response.
  • Enterprise cloud SaaS offering – Built on top of IBM SoftLayer Cloud infrastructure, M2M Intelligence® delivers the industry’s leading M2M and IoT enterprise cloud platform as an easy to deploy, subscription-based offering.
  • Lockbox data provenance – Along with dynamic policies to enable scalable, private and secure exchange of data across the ecosystem, the Lockbox allows an organization to track and confirm data provenance – such as who, when, what accessed data over its entire lifecycle.
  • Integrated global bandwidth – Includes worldwide telecom bandwidth and data services across 200+ countries and 250+ partners as well as large collection of telecom-certified applications ready for deployment.
  • Modular platform architecture – M2Mi’s modular, building-block architecture enables repeatable and rapidly deployable solutions across multiple industries. Applications become quick to develop and even disposable – and can thus focus on business value.

M2Mi provides the M2M Intelligence® platform, which includes M2M Automation and M2M Cyber Security, as the essential technology foundation for M2M and IoT offerings. By bundling global telecom bandwidth and data services with the M2M Intelligence® platform, M2Mi provides an integrated solution to enable enterprises to rapidly deploy revenue-generating M2M and IoT services.

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