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Visteon and Verizon Collaborate to Introduce an Automotive Industry-First at 2015 International CES®

Visteon and Verizon Collaborate to Introduce an Automotive Industry-First at 2015 International CES®

Visteon enables automakers to unlock the benefits of LTE Multicast technology. New solution is designed to reduce network costs, provide higher bandwidth and improve security.

Visteon Corporation will debut a connected vehicle equipped with Verizon’s LTE Multicast technology at its booth (CP20) during the 2015 International CES® from Jan. 6-9.

The Visteon Connected Vehicle Hub communicates with an embedded automotive telematics module designed to receive Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates using LTE Multicast technology – an automotive industry-first.

LTE Multicast enables faster, more efficient delivery of content to connected vehicles, and is based on Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS). The Visteon Connected Vehicle Hub and LTE Multicast from Verizon allow automakers to simultaneously transmit FOTA updates to vehicles in an entire fleet, manufacturing plant or region. This network technology is a more efficient and economical option than current solutions because it significantly optimizes network resources to reach many vehicles simultaneously. Vehicles may be targeted by make, model and electrical and component architecture, as well as customer and location – creating a host of potential connected applications ranging from personalization to enhanced location-based services.

The Visteon Connected Vehicle Hub also features Visteon’s rear seat infotainment, which highlights broadcast entertainment delivered via eMBMS. Multiple channels of programming can be streamed directly to vehicles equipped with an LTE Multicast capable telematics control unit and display screens.

Machine-to-Machine communications for telematicsMartin T. Thall, Visteon’s executive vice president and president, electronics, said:

“By working with Verizon, we’re able to offer vehicle manufacturers an unparalleled solution for FOTA updates. Our solution significantly reduces network costs and is designed to provide higher bandwidth and more capability and security than current alternatives.”

Visteon and Verizon worked in a number of locations across the country to co-develop an end-to-end solution. The first phase consisted of closed-cell network testing, followed by live field tests using automotive-grade hardware and finally fine-tuning the system for multiple vehicle level applications. Verizon is using its exclusive, custom-built, first-of-its-kind multicast adapter for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications to provide a connected car solution delivering rich media and FOTA updates simultaneously.

“The automotive industry is quickly becoming the next frontier in connectivity. Visteon is at the forefront of creating new solutions that tap in to the potential of LTE Multicast technology and Verizon’s 4G LTE network that deliver real benefits to automakers and ultimately to consumers,” said Parissa Pandkhou, director, Product and New Business Innovation at Verizon.

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