Elisa Launches New Internet of Things (IoT) Service With ThingWorx® Rapid Application Development Platform

Elisa Launches New Internet of Things (IoT) Service With ThingWorx® Rapid Application Development Platform

ThingWorx, a PTC® business and leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, announced today that Elisa, Finnish market leader in mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions, will deploy ThingWorx® platform technology to enable a new Elisa IoT service in Finland and Estonia.

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million customers, providing environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organizations. In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile subscriptions and fixed broadband subscriptions.

By partnering with ThingWorx, Elisa can now enable its customers to seamlessly connect and interface with their remote devices, people, business systems and things offering the most comprehensive set of IoT services available today. The new Elisa service spans from device management to data analytics to product development, all securely backed up in Elisa-owned data centres.

“Elisa prides itself on being a forward thinking company,” said Timo Katajisto, executive vice president, Corporate Customers, Elisa.

“The ThingWorx platform technology will enable complete, innovative, end-to-end solutions for Elisa customers in addition to providing an easy entry point for companies that want to realize the full value of adding connectivity to their product and service offerings.”

ThingWorx offers an innovative platform for rapidly developing and deploying applications to realize the opportunity and value presented by the Internet of Things economy. The ThingWorx simplified and unified approach to IoT applications enables companies to iteratively innovate business processes significantly faster than conventional methods and tools, thus accelerating time to value, reducing cost and risk, and transforming how products, people, and systems connect and interact.

“We are excited that ThingWorx technology will be a core aspect of the Elisa IoT Service,” said Thomas Svensson, senior vice-president and general manager EMEA, ThingWorx.

“The age of the Internet of Things is upon us and working with forward thinking companies, such as Elisa, enables us to deploy our leading technology so that customers can profit from complete, end-to-end solutions.”

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