Telit Adds LTE-Only LE910-V2 Module to Popular xE910 Series

Telit Adds LTE-Only LE910-V2 Module to Popular xE910 Series

Applications requiring both high bandwidth and cost savings can leverage family form factor for leading tier-one carrier networks in U.S., Japan and Australia.

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global enabler of the Internet of the Things (IoT), today announced the introduction of an LTE-only module, the LE910-V2, an addition to the best-selling xE910 family, designed to optimize bandwidth and performance, while limiting the cost of transitioning from 2G to 4G.

The LE910 V2 series introduce the next generation of Telit LTE modules. The first LE910 V2 variant is a single-mode LTE module, with no fallback in 3G and 2G networks: it is the perfect optimized solution for regions where the 4G technology already has penetration rates above the 90% level. The LTE 3GPP Release 9 module delivers data rates of 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink.

This product is capable of supporting the extensive suite of Value Added Services from m2mAIR Mobile which make the management of m2m deployments under mobile networks effective, enhancing profitability and reliability. It is also Cloud-ready which means that the AT command library in this module includes a set of high-level commands designed exclusively for quick and hassle-free on-boarding of the device to the cloud and to back-end systems and servers. Telit Cloud-ready modules powered by deviceWISE make application-level data flows and controls simple to program, maintain and improve.

Telit LE910 M2M LTE moduleThe LE910 V2 is a member of Telit’s flagship xE910 module family and its second model delivering 4G radio access technology in the 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.2 mm family form factor. The Telit xE910 Unified Form Factor Family is comprised of 2G, 3G, and 4G, 3GPP and 3GPP2 products sharing a common form factor as well as electrical and programing interfaces which allows developers to implement a “design once, use anywhere” strategy.

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