5G World Alliance Launched To Deliver Next Generation Wireless Internet

5G World Alliance Launched To Deliver Next Generation Wireless Internet

New global organisation to provide key platform for 5G development across all technologies.

The world’s first global organisation dedicated to the development and delivery of the Next Generation Worldwide Wireless Internet – known as 5G – is to be officially launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March.

The 5G World Alliance (5GWA) is to take a holistic, integrated approach across all technologies in order to gain support for seamless worldwide networking interoperability – empowering the end user through a truly end-to-end experience.

The Founding chair of the 5G World Alliance is Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum and a 3GPP PCG (Board) member since 1999.

“5G is so much more than the next generation of mobile technology; it is the next generation of how the world – and everyone and everything in it – communicates from around 2020. The 5G World Alliance will be a focal point for organisations with the expertise and the desire to transform a world already hungry for the latest solutions and applications,” he said.

“We are talking here about a 5G World where technologies such as an all-IPv6-based M2M, the mobile IoT, mobile Cloud Computing, SDN, NFV, Fringe and Tactile Internet will converge over fixed and mobile networks to change lives and businesses everywhere”.

The 5G World Alliance (5GWA) is to work closely with the ETSI IPv6 ISG and is looking to get the Telecom and Internet worlds to integrate and share best practices with principal SDOs such as 3GPP, ETSI, IETF and the ITU. It will also develop across other industry sectors, who can gain massively from the 5G future.

“It’s very important that such a converged world from 2020 onwards embraces critical infrastructures such as health, transportation, agriculture and many more, and so, from the outset, we will be looking to involve these industries so that their developing needs can be built into the 5G framework from the outset,” added Ladid.

The 5GWA is currently establishing its Founding members – who will be Board members and help shape the working groups and tasks as 5G moves forward. There is expected to be several levels of membership to allow small, creative, companies and organisations to take part. Companies and other organisations are invited to contact Mr Ladid for more details.

Among the objectives that the 5GWA is looking to achieve are:

  • Global harmonization and synergies of Telecom and Internet worlds
  • The creation of large-scale worldwide interoperable test beds
  • Promotion of end-user empowering applications and global solutions
  • Promotion of interoperable implementation of converging and integrated standards
  • Developing Educational and “5G Ready” programmes
  • Resolving issues that could create barriers to 5G deployment

Further announcements will be made after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (March 2-5).

The mission of the 5G World Alliance is to:
Promote 5G as the Neutral Next Generation World Wide Wireless Internet by integrating new technologies with a holistic integrated approach combining IPv6-based Machine-to-Machine, Mobile Internet of Things, Mobile Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), Fringe Internet, Tactile Internet, focusing on commonly agreed requirements to garner support for seamless worldwide networking interoperability and spectrum harmonisation and foster coalition efforts to converge and focus the work for greater impact and exploitations for the common good. The expected global impact is to enrich the 5G market potential and dramatically empower the end-user with end-to-end experience, allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology, embracing a moral responsibility to the world.

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