Konekt Raises $1.3M to Enable The Internet of Things Through Cellular Connectivity

Konekt Raises $1.3M to Enable The Internet of Things Through Cellular Connectivity

New Toolset Makes it Easy and Affordable To Build IoT Devices That Work Everywhere.

Konekt, developers of an innovative new toolkit for IoT device management and network connectivity, today announced it has raised a $1.3M round of funding from multiple investors¹.

Konekt represents a key step in connecting the forecasted billions of things to the Internet by simplifying the process of building connected products that work outside the home.

Konekt solves many of the range and signal fidelity problems posed by WiFi and Bluetooth by making it simple to connect devices to the Internet using cellular connectivity. Konekt offers transparent pricing, robust APIs for device management, and a cloud platform for device communication, making it incredibly easy for anyone to build connected devices that use cellular connectivity.

Konekt Co-Founders Ben Forgan, CEO, and Pat Wilbur, Ph.D., CTO, said :

Konekt is the missing link in the Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things market.

“Previously, it has been expensive and inconvenient to connect devices to the Internet via cellular connectivity. With Konekt, makers, OEMs and systems integrators of all sizes and levels of sophistication can now build devices that easily and securely connect to the Internet with cellular connectivity. We are making enterprise grade tools, technologies, and connectivity options available at the consumer level. The consumerization of enterprise technology is a tried and true model that has been applied successfully in other areas; we believe that there is a major opportunity for an M2M platform that simplifies the process and puts makers and developers first.”

The Konekt Toolkit is comprised of three tightly integrated pieces, including:

  • The Konekt Global SIM card that provides worldwide internet access;
  • The Konekt Cloud which routes and stores all data on the Konekt network; and,
  • The Konekt Management Portal, which allows for easy management (i.e., billing, activation, etc.) of all devices.

“We see the potential for Konekt to build a very large business as the platform of choice for developers of cellular connected hardware,” said Lee Hower of NextView Ventures. “It’s a picks and shovels business poised for scale as the IoT and connected device market only continues to grow.”

For more information, visit www.konekt.io.

¹ Primary investors include: NextView Ventures; Mucker Capital; Tyler Willis Syndicate including Maiden Lane; Chris Muhr, SVP, EMEA and Founder, Groupon; and, Raj Ruparell, Co-Founder, Groupon International + Non Executive Advisor, Groupon

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