Gemalto M2M solution delivers 4G connectivity to workers in hazardous environments

Gemalto M2M solution delivers 4G connectivity to workers in hazardous environments

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces its M2M solution​ is enabling high-speed connectivity for the commercial launch of the first 4G Intrinsically Safe industrial PDA.

In the Airo I-Safe 28, Airo Wireless implements intrinsic safety standards, a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. The Airo 4G device, equipped with Gemalto’s advanced Cinterion M2M technology, brings reliable and fast communication to workers in mission critical situations such as the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, public safety and utility industries.

Airo I-Safe 28The solution features state-of-the-art GPS capabilities to locate workers in the field and triggers an emergency call to response teams if needed. The Intrinsically Safe device leverages Gemalto’s ruggedized M2M technology which is tested under the most strenuous environmental conditions including varying pressure levels, combustible settings, extreme temperatures and gas or dust hazards. Gemalto brings an optimized audio quality for high-bandwidth voice support enabling advanced audio capabilities to ensure reliable communications in volatile environments.

“The Gemalto solution ensures components on the inside are as capable of enduring harsh climate environments and mechanical ruggedness as the external hardware,” said Jonathan Ventulett, VP of Engineering at Airo Wireless. “Gemalto’s outstanding service and customer support helped us start from the design phase through to market launch, enabling us to meet surging demands for our Airo I-Safe 28 device.”

“For enterprises that require this type of equipment they can take advantage of the growing number of 4G mobile applications optimizing business operations and processes,” said Juan Lazcano, Head of M2M Sales for Gemalto North America​.

“Unlike the average handheld device which has a product life of less than two years, the Airo product uses Gemalto technology that is designed to support the long lifecycle of M2M solutions. This gives Airo customers the confidence they need to invest in new solutions.”

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