OT is providing its Subscription Management platform in a Pilot with Telefónica and other operators to implement an interoperable approach for embedded SIM cards

OT is providing its Subscription Management platform in a Pilot with Telefónica and other operators to implement an interoperable approach for embedded SIM cards

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space today announced the selection of its Subscription Management platform by Telefónica to support other operators participating in a pilot to demonstrate interoperability between different platforms and SIM cards from different vendors.

By 2020, several billion consumer devices will be connected to mobile networks. In order to deploy services such as telematics or infotainment in connected cars, telemetry in smart electricity meters, personal monitoring with wearable devices and to support new consumer oriented services, players require reliable and cost-efficient global connectivity.

The need to connect these to any mobile network or to switch from one network to another during the product lifecycle (international roaming, new commercial agreement…), brings new business opportunities but also new challenges.

In this context, SIM vendors, global operators and OEMs are jointly working on a pilot towards the implementation of a truly interoperable approach for embedded SIM cards. For this pilot, OT provides its end-to-end solution to securely and remotely change and manage subscriptions, with minimum impact on the systems or the infrastructure of mobile operators. This solution also allows OEMs to optimize their logistics and stocks by manufacturing connected devices independent of the country of destination.
At the same time it ensures the privacy and security of mobile operators’ credentials, relying on:

  • The new type of subscription identity module, the embedded SIM card (eUICC), called DakOTa
  • The latest solution to remotely provision and manage subscriptions into the eUICC, called M-Connect

OT’s M-Connect solution enables mobile operators to securely and remotely provision a subscription in a connected device when it is used the first time and, if needed, to change the subscription during the lifecycle of the device. Compliant to the GSMA Embedded SIM specifications, this solution allows OEMs to produce devices independent of the destination country and network, while ensuring privacy and security of mobile operator credentials.

OT’s DakOTa is a new range of Remotely Provisionable SIMs for the IoT market available in both soldered and plug form factors. Compliant to the GSMA Embedded SIM specification, these eUICC enable mobile operators to download, activate and change their profile over-the-air and thus simplify the assembly and supply chain for device manufacturers and vendors.

“We are delighted to be working with OT on this strategic project. OT’s support on the subscription management platform and in the working group for the definition of the requirements has been critical in supporting the partners of this initiative which aims at protecting consumers and guaranteeing freedom of choice” said Mr. David Johnson – Global OS & Innovation Director at Telefónica.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Telefónica to provide our comprehensive solution of remote provisioning and management of subscriptions in the framework of this pilot”, said Arnaud BRET, Head of Europe – Telecom Business Unit at OT.

To discover OT’s comprehensive ranges of products, services and solutions, come and visit us on OT’s booth (booth 6I30 – Hall 6) at Mobile World Congress from March 2 to 5 2015 in Barcelona.

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