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Infobright Now Offering Internet of Things Analytic Database as Part of the ThingWorx® IoT Ecosystem

Infobright Now Offering Internet of Things Analytic Database as Part of the ThingWorx® IoT Ecosystem

Infobright Enterprise Edition complements ThingWorx IoT platform; enables Internet of Things solution providers to offer rapid analysis of machine generated data.

Infobright, the database analytics platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has joined the ThingWorx Ready™ Partner program. The ThingWorx Ready Partner program allows hardware and software companies to integrate products with the ThingWorx IoT platform, simplifying the creation and deployment of IoT solutions.

As a member of the ThingWorx Partner program, Infobright now provides IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) application developers with a scalable and efficient analytic database that can be utilized by applications built using the ThingWorx® IoT platform. Developers can now adequately store, manage and analyze the large volumes of rapidly growing machine data being generated by IoT applications.

“We are thrilled to be part of the ThingWorx Ready Partner program to help power the data analytics needs of solution providers as the IoT prepares to explode into a reality,” said Don DeLoach, president and CEO of Infobright.

“ThingWorx is rapidly expanding their IoT platform ecosystem. Infobright brings unique, value added capabilities, such as in-stream creation and exploitation of metadata. This allows for scalable and cost effective storage of massive amounts of IoT and M2M data.”

“There are no brute force hardware and administrative requirements that you see with more general purpose solutions, giving solution developers and data scientists the ability to take the Internet of Things from the possible to the practical.”

big dataInfobright Enterprise Edition’s (IEE) unique, scalable architecture allows solution providers to easily embed capabilities for rapid data ingestion, scalable storage, and complex, ad-hoc analysis of machine generated data. Infobright supplements the ThingWorx IoT platform by giving M2M and IoT application developers the freedom to send data to a highly specialized analytics engine. IEE is embedded in hundreds of applications by leading solution providers, reaching almost every telecom service provider and Fortune 1000 enterprise.

“Infobright complements the ThingWorx IoT platform by simplifying the data pipeline. As the Internet of Things continues its exponential growth, Infobright delivers the integral analytics piece of the puzzle to aid in the designing, building, and running of M2M and IoT applications,” said Chris Kuntz, VP of Ecosystem Programs, ThingWorx, a PTC Business.
“With Infobright, customers can now benefit from extremely fast ad-hoc query capability. Customers no longer have to worry about the nuts and bolts that go into data analysis and instead can focus on extracting valuable intelligence from their data sets.”

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