FastTrack Company Using Telit Modules To End Luggage Loss And Traveler Frustration

FastTrack Company Using Telit Modules To End Luggage Loss And Traveler Frustration

Connecting travelers to their luggage, Telit’s technology helping FastTrack’s Eviate eTrack & eTag passengers connect their suitcases to the Internet.

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global enabler of the Internet of the Things (IoT), today announced that FastTrack, a leading player in electronic bag tags and track & trace solutions for travellers, has designed its new Eviate eTrack solution using Telit’s HE910-D and SE868 V2 GPS receivers.

Carlos Perez, EVP Global Sales, Telit Wireless Solutions, says:

“Connecting consumers to the ‘things’ that matter the most to them is an integral part of our ongoing strategy to fully enable the Internet of Things.”

“Knowing that Telit is playing a role in helping travelers, as well as airlines, avoid the costs and frustrations associated with luggage loss is very satisfying.”

eTag & eTrack
Eviate eTag & eTrack
The Eviate eTrack is the first solution that is linked to worldwide travel systems. As a result, both passengers and airlines can now know where every bag is located – all the time. eTrack also sends the owner a message when the suitcase is on the baggage carousel, and whether it has been opened during the journey. The patented eTrack technology is the only tracking solution to meet all international air travel regulations.

Graham Kelly, CTO of FastTrack Company says: “After two years of intensive research and development we are proud to be able to offer the Eviate eTrack with a very attractive pricing.”

Additionally, Eviate eTag is a digital baggage tag, which allows passengers to check in at home, skipping long lines at the check-in desk at the airport. Passengers who would like to use the eTag can leave their details when ordering the eTrack.

The eTag is currently only available in conjunction with participating airlines. FastTrack Company is currently working with all airlines to begin using the eTag solution.

Telit’s suite of solutions began to take form as the Internet of Things 30 years ago…before there even was an IoT! The solution is comprised of modules, an application enablement platform with secure data integration via the Cloud, plus mobile data connectivity with the value-added services required to securely and effectively manage very large numbers of deployed devices. This unique triangle of modules, connectivity and data services is important because Telit is the only company that delivers each important element – and all within the company’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. solution offering.

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