Deutsche Telekom successfully launched ‘Cloud of Things’ powered by Cumulocity

Deutsche Telekom successfully launched 'Cloud of Things' powered by Cumulocity

At this year’s CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom launched its Industry 4.0 offering, which enables enterprises to connect their ‘Machines’ quickly and easily to monitor and control their production environment.

The package contains everything a ‘Machine’ needs to go online: Hardware, SIM card with data rate plan and access to the “Cloud der Dinge” (Cloud of Things) platform which records and processes device and sensor data. Deutsche Telekom hosts the ‘Cloud der Dinge’ platform based on Cumulocity’s award winning IoT software in a high-security data center in Germany.

Picture from CeBIT trade fair showing Kuka Robots connected to the Telekom 'Cloud of things'
Picture from CeBIT trade fair showing Kuka Robots connected to the Telekom ‘Cloud of Things’
Telekom ‘Cloud of Things’
With the Telekom ‘Cloud of Things’, manufacturers can control and monitor their machines remotely as well as reduce maintenance costs.
The ‘Cloud of Things’ is available with a variety of certified hardware components and can be expanded to support any type of machines.
The Telekom ‘Cloud of Things’ is a scalable platform that can manage even large volumes of sensor data, devices and users effortlessly.

“With end-to-end packages like the Industry 4.0 package, we want to advance digitization projects among the SME segment,” says Dirk Backofen, Head of Marketing (Business Customers) at Telekom Deutschland.
He continues:

“Manufacturing companies, in particular, benefit from the better connection of their machine pools and the business models that arise as a result – for example, with automatic reordering of consumables.”

“This very successful launch from Deutsche Telekom is a giant step towards true cloud based IoT platform deployments and its impact is going to influence many operators world wide”, says Bernd Gross, CEO of Cumulocity.
“Software-as-a-Service offering which is easy to sell and extensible for complex solutions is the only way to scale to 100s of millions of IoT cloud subscriptions.”

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