Omnicomm releases fleet tracking mobile applications for iOS and Android

Omnicomm releases fleet tracking mobile applications for iOS and Android

Omnicomm, one of the world leading developers and manufacturers of fuel consumption monitoring equipment and telematics solutions for various fleet management needs, released a mobile application for its cloud service Omnicomm Online.

The application runs on iOS and Android platforms, and it is now available on App Store and Google Play.

Following the intention to provide customers with more convenient and practical service for vehicle monitoring Omnicomm decided to develop mobile applications for Omnicomm Online cloud service. It allows fleet owners to manage their fleet remotely, track the movement of vehicles, as well as generate reports on preset number of parameters. For convenience of mobile usage, the reports of the new application included the ones that are most popular among Omnicomm Online clients:

Report on the location of transport
This report allows users to display information both concerning one vehicle and handle multicast requests, determining the location of several vehicles or the entire fleet at the same time.

Report on the movement of a vehicle over a given time period
Like in the web version Omnicomm Online, in this report it is possible to monitor the movement of transport in a given period of time. The track shows the events that occur on the way of the vehicle: refills, drains, stops, etc.

Report on the volume of fuel
This report displays graphs on fuel consumption of vehicles, as well as the periods of running engine (on / off).

Report on refills and drains
The report on refills and drains provides information on the changes in the level of fuel in vehicles, highlighting drains with red color.

Statistics report
This report provides general data on the distance covered, the amount of fuel consumed, average speed and other parameters.

“When developing the mobile application, we paid special attention to the difference in the use of tablets and smartphones. In fact, we have released a separate mobile application for each of them. We also paid a thorough attention to visualization of the interface in portrait and landscape modes, which ultimately resulted in the development of 8 individual interface representations. All this will allow our customers to use our services with convenience”, – Maxim Pavlukhin, Omnicomm Deputy Executive Director, commented.

In addition, users have the opportunity to receive notifications, the algorithms for which they previously set up in the web version Omnicomm Online. Thus, they can always be aware of the events taking place with their fleet.

Omnicomm Deputy Director General Stanislav Emelyanov resumed:
“The release of Omnicomm Online mobile applications is another step on the way for more convenient use of Omnicomm products.”

“With Omnicomm Online mobile application our customers have the opportunity to obtain information on their vehicles from anywhere in the world where there is mobile network. It makes our service not only reliable, but also really easy and convenient to use.”

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