u-blox joins M2M Alliance

u-blox joins M2M Alliance

Global platform drives innovation in M2M solutions and Internet of Things (IoT).

u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and chips, has become an official member of the M2M Alliance, the world’s largest not-for-profit M2M associationof professionals and organizer of the annual M2M Summit.

“We welcome u-blox to M2M Alliance and look forward to u-blox’ contribution to our organization to help develop next generation M2M applications and solutions, in particular in the automotive and industrial markets,” said Eric Schneider, M2M Alliance Chairman.

Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO, said:

“With our advanced cellular, short range radio and positioning technologies aimed at vehicle and industrial applications, joining M2M Alliance gives us immediate access to the industry leaders in the M2M and Internet of Things ecosystems. We look forward to offering our smart solutions.”

U-blox’ successful range of cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and global positioning components allows the company to provide end-to-end connectivity and location-awareness to any device in the IoT, enabling future connected vehicles, connected cities and connected industry.

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