CloudGate continues to gain traction in M2M market

CloudGate continues to gain traction in M2M market

Option, the company connecting Things to the Cloud, today announces that CloudGate has been selected by several companies – including ABB, WebNMS and Baseline Irrigation Solutions – to be integrated in a variety of M2M solutions.

Frank Deschuytere, CEO of Option:
“Last year we invested in the completion of the CloudGate platform and created a vast and rich eco-system of partners around it.”

“The value of this platform combined with this eco-system is proven by the frequent design wins we are realizing. With every design win, the platform gains in value and the application portfolio increases.”

ABB is working on new concepts for energy-efficient buildings in the Netherlands. A local community in Hoog Dalem has been equipped with a new and advanced energy monitoring and control system. Solar panels, a heat pump, a battery and a smart meter were installed to make the homes energy neutral. All these devices are connected through the CloudGate gateway, providing information about the energy flows in the houses and additionally allowing smart start of appliances with high electricity consumption such as washing machines thus enabling optimization of the electricity grid. Hoog Dalem serves as a testing playground for future large scale deployments.

Baseline Inc. has selected CloudGate as its cellular communication gateway. Baseline was looking for a cellular solution with a proven track record that is multi-carrier, plug and play, robust, and ruggedized; to be used as a part of their family of world-class, industry-leading irrigation control products that includes patented soil moisture sensors and two-wire technologies, intelligent irrigation controllers, and powerful central and remote control platforms. Using the CloudGate device, Baseline products help today’s landscape managers maintain healthier landscapes while reducing water use, labor costs, and management time.

Option CloudGateWebNMS, the telecom software division of ZOHO Corp., is an M2M/IoT application development platform with more than 25.000 deployments worldwide. Using the CloudGate SDK, WebNMS has developed a device agent that is running on CloudGate and has successfully integrated Option’s CloudGate smart M2M gateway within the WebNMS IoT Platform. This solution provides a simplified path to scaling M2M/IoT applications for secure B2B infrastructure.
As enterprises look to connect a variety of sensors with cloud-based IoT applications, they need remote, embedded gateways to intelligently aggregate sensor data. To scale across different service provider networks, these mission-critical gateways must support diverse wireless connectivity and maintain seamless interoperability with central IoT applications. As the IoT ecosystem evolves, rapid innovation will increasingly depend on integrated open platforms that host industry-specific IoT apps. CloudGate is used as an RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) that pushes data to the WebNMS visualization software.

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