SRETT unlocks the IoT by integrating LoRa™ technology in its wireless solutions

SRETT unlocks the IoT by integrating LoRa™ technology  in its wireless solutions

Long range radio communication is a key enabling feature for IoT applications. SRETT has integrated LoRa™ technology in its offer to meet needs unaddressed by previous technologies.

Paris (France) – SRETT, provider of telemonitoring solutions for medical and industrial applications, has integrated LoRa™ technology and offers global solutions from specific wireless sensors to customized application software.
LoRa™ technology, standing for “Long Range” is becoming the standard protocol for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Why using LoRa™?
Besides enabling long range radio communication, LoRa™ meets the requirements of high quality of service applications, namely strong signal penetration, high immunity to interferences, bi directional communications…

LoRa™ enables seamless communication indoor and outdoor and avoids the multiplication of gateways: one gateway SRETT integrating the LoRa™ technology is sufficient to cover a site of 8 km².

Philippe Salamitou, CEO of SRETT, says:

“Since 2004, SRETT successfully provides wireless M2M solutions for professional applications. We knew that there was one game changing criterion for battery powered wireless devices: an autonomy of more than 5 years with a range of more than 1 km. Thanks to LoRa™ technology, our new generation of products exceeds this criterion, allowing us to address an amazing number of new applications.”

LoRa™ applications by SRETT

  • Defense: improving maintenance of critical equipment. Measuring shock, vibration.
  • Health: telemonitoring chronic patients treated at home. Measuring compliance and therapy efficiency.
  • Oil and gas: following infrastructures and assets. Measuring temperature and pressure.

LoRa wireless sensors can be deployed in local network or wide area network, either private or managed by telecom operators. For wide area network, SRETT relies on LoRaWAN protocol.

Benchmarking LoRaWAN and GPRS highlights that LoRa™ enables devices ten times smaller, ten times lower in power consumption and ten times less costly in subscription fee.

“We believe in LoRa™ technology and we support its development by being an active member of LoRa Alliance”, concludes Philippe Salamitou.

SRETT system architecture
SRETT system architecture

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