NetComm Wireless to become M2M provider for Deutsche Telekom

NetComm Wireless to become M2M provider for Deutsche Telekom

NetComm Wireless Limited, a leading global developer of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, today announced that it will become an official M2M hardware partner for Deutsche Telekom.

The 3G M2M Router Series (NTC-6200) is the first NetComm Wireless device compatible with the “Cloud der Dinge” of Deutsche Telekom.

David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless, said:
“The ‘Cloud of Things’ partner program represents the progression of Deutsche Telekom’s recently launched Industry 4.0 offering. Deutsche Telekom is leading the way in what has been described as the fourth industrial revolution and we look forward to bringing our global expertise and technological innovation to the “Cloud der Dinge” collaboration.”

“Working together we will accomplish the technical integration needed to transform the German industrial automation market and achieve smart factory objectives.”

“We are pleased to have received certification for the NTC-6200 following its successful integration with the ‘Cloud of Things’ platform,” he said.

The industrial-grade NTC-6200 series enables the monitoring and remote management of machines over 3G and features Ethernet, Serial (RS232/422/485) and USB 2.0 connectivity to seamlessly interface with a diverse range of equipment.

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