Semtech and Partners to Launch LoRa-based Wide-Area Network in Ventura County

Semtech and Partners to Launch LoRa-based Wide-Area Network in Ventura County

The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency approved plans for a smart metering platform for groundwater data collection.

Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, along with two partners, Mueller Systems and Senet, will launch a low-power, wide-area network in Ventura County to wirelessly track groundwater pumping data from the Fox Canyon aquifer, which sources water to most of the region. The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency board voted unanimously to approve the proposed project, which will streamline the existing data collection process and provide a more cost-efficient model for the county. The LoRa®-based wide-area network (LoRaWAN™) will be fully implemented for testing by October 2015.

The companies submitted the proposal in response to California’s current water shortage and recently passed laws requiring sustainable groundwater management. Semtech’s long-range (LoRa®) RF technology enables wide-area networks that synchronize smart devices wirelessly without cellular networks. Mueller Systems’ smart meters will track groundwater pumping data and connect to the LoRa network, deployed by Senet, to automatically deliver data to local regulators.

“We are excited to launch this network in Ventura County, especially, because this is home to our corporate headquarters,” said Mohan Maheswaran, CEO of Semtech. “By providing sustainable and efficient infrastructure, we hope to support California’s water conservation goals. We want to create a data collection platform that can be easily implemented in counties throughout the state.”

The new smart metering system should significantly reduce costs associated with the county’s data collection process, which currently relies on groundwater users to report the data themselves. Sensors will attach to the existing meters and automatically report data to regulators through the LoRa network.

Hassan Ali, vice president and general manager of Mueller Systems, said:

“By standardizing long-range networks, multiple technology providers can unite complementary applications in one network. By combining Mueller Systems smart meters with Semtech’s semiconductors and Senet’s network, we hope to create a scalable IoT solution to water conservation.”

“We are proud to be participating in this partnership and look forward to expanding our LoRaWAN network in Southern California,” said George Dannecker, CEO of Senet. “The application of LoRaWAN is a perfect fit to optimize operations for critical water management systems.”

Semtech, Mueller Systems and Senet are all members of the LoRa Alliance, a collaborative group of Internet of Things (IoT) industry influencers that aim to standardize low-power, wide-area networks globally.


  • Reduced Cost. By incorporating the sensors into existing meters, the team eliminates the need for individual smart meter installation, creating an attractive system for government agencies.
  • Sustainable Groundwater Regulation. The automated data collection process allows regulators to receive real-time usage information, enabling quicker response time to excess groundwater users and a sustainable method of tracking. The goal is to provide easy data collection infrastructure, allowing agencies to focus on foresight and preventative regulations.
  • Turnkey Implementation. By using Ventura County as a test subject, the LoRa partners aim to create an easily implementable system that can be used throughout California and the rest of the country.
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